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  • Thanks for the reply.

    It's the neighbors remote that open my FIL's car. The dealer tried to reprogram his remotes and it's still happening. The neighbor also took her car to the same dealer, so they knew the problem, reprogrammed hers and it still happens. Supposedly, thereare only a few codes that share a frequency in this model car, and for some reason, these two cars talk to one another.

    This all may fixed soon as the neighbor is moving in January. But the service manager said these two cars are not the only ones with this problem!

    Thanks again

    The fix for father in laws car is pretty simple. Find out which one of his remotes opens the neighbours car and have that remote erased from the car and replaced. Bring all the other remotes with you to the dealership. They *should* be able to do this under warranty if the service manager isn't a clown.
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