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    Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?

    I like those from Denny’s, They use freeze-dried hash-browns, then fill them with hot water and stores them in the cooler. To cook them, they use tons of liquid butter on a 375 degree flat grill. The trick to getting them crispy, (besides making sure they aren’t over-watered when prepping) is to...
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    Portable Charcoal Grills

    That is what the Hibachi was designed to cook. Don't try it with a 3″ Porterhouse or such. A 1″ steak will be great. Get a full bed of charcoal burned down to glowing red embers and you will have a great steak.
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    Throw coarsely ground coffee into a vessel, pour in water just below boiling temperature, wait 4 minutes, then drink. Simple. You will get some coffee grounds in your sips, but the coffee will have as good a flavor as any infusion, like a French press. If you do not want the grounds, then things...
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    Vehicle for Family of 6 Camping Trips

    As being part of the expedition/overlanding community, in my opinion, the EarthRoamer is hands down the best expedition based RV. With that being said, it comes with a hefty price tag - the F-550 version will run new at around a half a million dollars and the F-650 version around three-quarters...
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    Better to Buy or Rent a 4WD rig/camper van

    I'd rent one for a while, in order to see if I like the car. If yes, totally buy it. Renting is good because you get to try a lot of cars and see which one you like the most. I usually rent cars from whenever I go to Ukraine because my work requires frequent...