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  • hi buddy
    changes...short version, no
    this is like my 5th build of a rig
    i was pretty clear of my layout and needs
    my list of mods or tweaks:
    would have pulled all glass and reasealed, i have two minor leaks
    the front window needs to be covered in that plastic bullet proof stuff
    would have liked to pull floor to bare metal, and insulated a bit
    would have spent the xtra $$ for ultra light weight wood composite for cabinets
    in process of swapping out bulbs w/ led
    cabnetry change: really sqeeze the design to get an extra cubic foot or two of
    extra storage
    loops welded to the aluminess rack to make bungies easier
    all in all, if i build a new rig from scratch, it would look almost identical with same parts
    i MIGHT change furnace, but my suburban furnace has no issues, guys post all the time of problems with thier expar and propex
    oh, and longer Fiamma, to cover the entire lenght of rig
    4x4 would prob do Ujoint or quadra van
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