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    1988 Toyota Custom Cab Build

    This is one of the best build threads I've ever found on the internets. Keep up the good work.
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    Old's Cool

    Nice ride, @WillCody86. Those 4Runner wheels are my favorite. I have 2 sets.
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    Old's Cool

    That is as handsome as a truck can get. I love the white wheels.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    @MikeHenderson, What kind of trailer is that? It's awesome.
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    Old's Cool

    I love regular cabs! You could do 255s instead of 235s. My friend has 255s with 4:88s on his regular cab. He’s pretty happy with that setup, though he has to wring out his engine a little more than me on the highway.
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    235/85/16? Let's see them

    I've had Cooper ST Maxx 235/85r16's for 3 years and 25,000 miles now. They're wearing really well, they're decent on pavement and excellent off pavement, especially aired down a bit. The slight hit to MPG is so worth it for the traction and tough sidewalls.
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    Old's Cool

    Thank you kindly, @shabba, I love it too. It's like a fun little ATV, but with cold air conditioning and comfy sleeping quarters. It is in fact on 235/85r16's. I'm convinced there's no better size for 4 cylinder trucks. Those tires just glide over rough roads when they're aired down a bit and...
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    02 Taco for $17k...this is getting out of hand.

    I also spent some coin on a clean 1st gen regular cab Tacoma. I experienced too many disappointments with the 2005+ model; the interior looked worn-out by 45,000 miles, the paint scratched just from looking at it funny, it sounded like it was rattling apart on bumpy roads, and it was...
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    Old's Cool

    Those 2 door XJ’s are beautiful machines.
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    Old's Cool

    I find a lot of useful information on Expedition Portal but also a lot of shite; plain old camping trips re-labeled "overland expeditions" in vehicles costing more than recreational property, gilded in overwrought aftermarket accessories made possible by credit card debt. This is the only thread...
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    Prepping High Mileage 2.7l for Hot Weather Road Trip

    Have you checked your water pump weep hole to make sure it's not leaking?
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    Old's Cool

    You're smart to plan ahead, but my constructive criticism is that you've got a false dichotomy here. It's entirely possible to enjoy the present while simultaneously preparing for the future.
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    Help choosing the best OME lift for my 4Runner?

    I miss the olden days when 4Runners and Tacomas looked good.
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    98' Tacoma 2.7L Slow as Molasses - Common Power Loses?

    Here are some write-ups for the 1995.5-2004 2.7L fuel filter and deckplate mods. I have done both on my 2.7L Tacoma and I'm quite happy with them. I hope you find this information useful.
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    2000 Tacoma Reg Cab

    I'm going for the same thing. Thanks for the info!