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    FS: NorCal - RAM 2500 Goodies (AEV, SwitchPros, WhiteKnuckle, etc.)

    Would you sell the SP9100 without the ram mount?
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    Warn VR EVO 12K synthetic Winch (price drop)

    Man, I’d love to pick this thing up and go to the Deer Lodge for some BBQ and the Beverage Company for a few tastings!
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    SOLD: Yorktown Tool Roll - black

    I have this tool roll; it’s the cats meow. Good deal for someone looking for a quality tool storage setup. GLWS OP
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    Diode Dynamics 42” Amber combo light bar with Tundra Mounting Kit

    For sale is a 42” Amber combo light bar from Diode Dynamics with a special mount kit designed to go in the lower bumper. Pickup in 92130 for $400 or $425 shipped.
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    SOLD: Diode Dynamics SS5 Sports - Combo White

    $375 shipped, $350 picked up. Let’s find these lights a new home!
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    SOLD: Diode Dynamics SS5 Sports - Combo White

    Diode Dynamics SS5 Sports in combo pattern white output. Was going to mount them on my front bumper but thinking I’ll just stick with a light bar. Comes with heavy duty relay harness and brackets. I did misplace one of the bracket hardware pouches, so you’ll will need to go to ace to pick up or...