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    Rear Bumper w/ Swingout Tire Carrier for F150... Why doesn't this exist!?!?

    If I am picturing what you're trying to describe... It would be a great option, but expensive, and very limited market.
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    Tuning after a gear swap? Is it Necessary? 2015 Ford F-150 5.0

    Definitely correct it. Speedo, odometer, shifting...
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    Practical barbecue grill solutions? I have the older version of this one. It's a great little grill.
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    weights - general items

    Way too many variables for anyone to answer...
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    Which new 1 Ton Diesel would you buy?

    I'm primarily a "diesel guy" all three of the Big Three are building a solid, reliable truck these days. I've got a number of friends who are full time diesel mechanics and shop owners. The Ford 6.7s are by far the most popular with them. Even if their race truck is a Cummins. Sounds like the...
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    2000 Ford Excursion axle swap question

    The coil suspension turns better and rides better. Bigger brakes as well. For most things you'll do, the 50 is plenty strong. What size tires are you running?
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    Rear Bumper w/ Swingout Tire Carrier for F150... Why doesn't this exist!?!?

    I think that's the reason you don't see them much. They interfere with the "normal" "truck things". It's easy to forget that what seems normal or useful, can be odd or even a hindrance to the average consumer.
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    SPF/UVF clothing

    I've got a bunch of Simms shirts, I like them a lot.
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    Full Size Truck Toppers/Camper Shells

    I've seen a few in person. You're right, they don't flow like a "regular" fiberglass cap, and they only come in black. But somehow the two together combine to make a cohesive whole. They actually look better in person. They don't look out of place, they look like a detail that's intentionally...
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    Battery advice for diesel trucks

    AGM at any national place you feel warm and fuzzy buying.
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    Anyone put a 270' awning on Chevy Tahoe?

    Good to see you're still doing well.
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    Seeking input -- upcoming vehicle purchase

    True. But that's perfect for a lot of truck buyers
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    Seeking input -- upcoming vehicle purchase

    My personal uses are such that I need a 3/4 ton sometimes... I looked a bit at a midsize daily and a 3/4 ton... Turns out that a midsize was almost as much as a half ton, but made some compromises. But if you could wait a bit and get one of the new Rangers... I've been impressed with them.
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    Seeking input -- upcoming vehicle purchase

    A single full sized truck isn't an option? A midsize truck isn't going to get significantly better mileage than a half ton. One vehicle to maintain/insure/register.
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    Questions on Aftermarket Diesel Truck Fuel Filter System Options

    FASS and AirDog both have a water separator as part of the system