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    40+ Imported Defenders seized by Homeland Security Today (developing story)

    I think Russia probably follows the same doctrine. If I want better consumer protection I could just move pretty much anywhere in Western Europe or Canada or even California. However, Caveat Emptor does not apply when the seller commits fraud, which seems to be the case here. But thanks for...
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    40+ Imported Defenders seized by Homeland Security Today (developing story)

    That was two pages of a warrant that was probably 10 to 40 pages long. It did not show probable cause for each individual VIN listed. Very broad and over reaching. Many people on this thread really need to shut the h*ll up about buyer beware, to good to be true or whatever. Most people that...
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    40+ Imported Defenders seized by Homeland Security Today (developing story)

    How do you know? Have you seen the warrant?
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    The lost article

    I sure would like to read this article for myself rather than having it edited out of existence. What gives? It's like the Chinese Internet, edited for your protection.
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    Lr3 vs. lr4 towing

    I think tires and lift are having an adverse affect. Most people I've spoken with that tow a medium size trailer or boat etc, say around 5000 lbs. think it tows very well. Obviously an LR4 will tow " better" because it has more HP and torque. Both rated the same though.
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    Engine Braking For Steep Downhill Grades with a 2013+ Range Rover

    Don't use ASL for this purpose. Use sport mode and manual mode when needed. The new RR is really no different than any other LR since 2005 equipped with manual and sport mode. Maybe you are over thinking this. If still concerned contact the LR Driving Experience. They can tell you the preferred...
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    LR4 19s, Load Ratings and the Cooper Zeon vs Wrangler Adventure

    Sounds like a sh*tty tire if it only lasts 20k to 25k miles! $1300 every 20 months sux!
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    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Looks like Medicine Bow between Centennial and Saratoga. Beautiful country.
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    2004 LR Discovery for sale

    Helping a friend sell his Discovery II. It has 84000 miles, Giverny green with Alpaca interior. 5 seats. Front brushbar, KC lights on front brushbar. Nice BFG trail TA tires. Dealer maintained. $10,000. PM me and we can talk. I have pics I can email.
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    Kelly Kettle bags- custom made.

    Awesome with the LR on there. Is one like that $100?
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    Old Rovers Too Feeble?

    Check out how " feeble" this Series 3 LR is vs two modern Jeeps. Good illustration of driver knowledge of his vehicle. Great Skill. Hope the link works because I am feeble when it comes to computers!
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    Land Rover Holland & Holland Camp Stool

    Sent you an email about the tool. Thx Todd
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    Old Rovers Too Feeble?

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    LR4 facelift coming

    340 HP should be plenty. Remember the original LR3 had a 300 HP engine. I imagine it will be the only engine choice. Having driven both the 14 sport and RR with the SC V6 it seems very powerful. And fuel economy is pretty good really.