Minneapolis Minnesota, USA
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1998 Discovery I LSE
2006 Discovery 3/LR3 HSE
2007 Range Rover Supercharged


1998 Discovery LSE - Gold, 245,000+ miles
2006 Discovery 3 - Locking Rear Diff, Rover Specialties rock sliders, 275/65/18 Cooper STT Pro, LLAMS Suspension Controller, LR Expedition Roof Rack. Asfir Rear Diff Guard, Tactical 4x4 Gas Tank Skid, Rear Bumper w/Swing Away Tire Carrier, and Front Bumper w/12K Smittybilt winch.
2007 RR Supercharged - White on White
Nanocom Evolution owner - Licensed for LR3/Discovery 3
GAP Diagnostics IID Bluetooth



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