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    UNICAT lift up roof ?

    Very interesting. I have been thinking about this too and I think syncing all 4 jacks is unnecessary. If you couple them in front to back pairs, ala trailer landing gear, it should do the trick. The only variance would be on the north south axis but it should prevent binding.
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    2013 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 14' Box Truck 4x4

    This is a really really good deal for somebody. GLWTS.
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    Syncro Doka Transporter

    Importable to the USA! But high kms
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    2007 CHEVROLET KODIAK C4500 awd w/manual locking hubs

    Where do you live? I buy and sell a few big rigs every year. Right before Covid I was seeing 1.60 to 1.70 per mile via Uship. You will get an even better deal going direct with a broker or trucking company of good repute. Not sure what shipping costs are doing now but fuels is cheap. I always...
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    Overpriced garbage I say.
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    Palomino Rogue

    I've read that Forest River is doing a much better job on the builds for Palomino. TCM had an interview with the owners last year and they said all of the campers are now aluminum framed. Anecdote: I bought some rims from a guy for my Chevy and he had a 2014 model. It had held up pretty well but...
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    1989 4wd Hino Ranger motor home.

    Here she is. Lots of work to do. The back body has welded mounts. Ack! Had it shipped from Virginia to Utah. They shipped it from Japan. Gonna take the body off, blast the frame and paint it and mount a flatbed deck. Has a huge sandwich style PTO that I don't know what to do with. Runs the pump.
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    1989 4wd Hino Ranger motor home.

    Hi Gerry I own a Hino Ranger, 1992 FT Crew Cab model here in the USA. It has the H07D straight six N/A diesel engine and a 5 speed tranny. It was imported by a JDM dealer and it was too much truck for them to sell so I bought it and had it trucked out to Utah where I live. It was a Morita Fire...
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    MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK to withdraw from US market

    Whata bummer. Seems like two options other than a very involved DIY: pay Tulsa Truck $25-30k for a conversion or import a 25 year old truck from Europe or Japan. We should all be lobbying for a 15 year import rule like Canada. Seems like it would clean the air better than the current 25 year...
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    New Camper Build - THE OVERL[h]ANDER

    That's some of the most not messing around metal work I've seen on this forum. Kudos to doing it right!
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    What's my brothers Fuso Camper Worth?

    That's a cool rig! A few more deets that will help: Where is the truck? If it's in BC the import adds a little complexity. Also don't forget the Canadian to USD conversion How was the frame built and what kind of insulation?l does it have. Might be cool to see the truck without the camper on it...
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    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    Good. Aside from the obvious import issues, there was very little good information on that rig, a lot of bad information and a bunch of unneeded attention. And you're welcome 😊😘
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    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    Why would you do this? Recommend that another manufacturer who sells half million dollar rigs to turn this back into a half million dollar rig?
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    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    Not sure why the lifting roof would dissuade you. Probably the coolest, rarest thing about this box. Should have zero bearing on its mount-ability.
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    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    Hi guys, local SLC dude here. Gotta be frank, this thread has been a bit of a disaster. No offense to those who have posted but I think forum moderators should keep an eye on things like this: lookie-loos swarming from all walks of life, bad (illegal?) information all over, recommendations that...