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    Winches, Working Load Limits and ...................................

    Hi mate Just went and had a look at the winch hook on my Warn 15000. I have wire rope/cable. The hook itself does not have WLL rating other than 'Forged' and 'High Test' and '1/2'. The pin securing the hook through the wire rope loop measures 13mm. Now that flies in the face of your 32mm...
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    Yes or No.

    Dan. My knowledge of what you are trying to do is zero. I see what you are trying to achieve but the technical details are way over my head. Not sure if this is relevant to what you are trying to do here, but I did have a chuckle.
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    Truck buying advice wanted - first post.

    Too late for second thoughts now!!! Looking forward to the build.
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    When is a switch not a switch?

    Hi. I hope I can make this clear, but because I don't understand it, it may not be as such. I have the below switch which is used to cut all power from the house batteries to the rest of the truck. I thought it would switch on = power on, switch off = everything immediately off, like a light...
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    Seat upgrade feedback

    We bought a vehicle with the Stratos seats already fitted and are in the middle of a trip to the Cape. Having come from a stock fg639 with standard driver’s seat and a bench for the passenger (and standard suspension), the Stratos are great. But we have nothing to compare them against other than...
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    First truck camper - Slide-on setup vs fixed body

    Another consideration not previously mentioned is that a dedicated camper would probably be registered as a 'motorhome' and as such attracts a significant saving on rego fees. With the slide on, the truck remains a truck and will attract 'truck' sized rego fees. But I might be wrong.
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    Mercedes truck overdrive gearbox options.
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    Soft shackles or traditional?

    I am after some collective advice. I need to get some shackles for recovery purposes, i.e. attaching snatch block to tree protector, attaching to truck (for whatever reason), attaching winch cable to the other end and any other purpose that might need it. What are most of you using -...
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    Toyo M608z 285 70R 19.5

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll certainly give ATW a call on the way through I think. Dan, we'll be heading off sometime in the next 4 weeks. Family commitments mean we have to be back by the end of July
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    Toyo M608z 285 70R 19.5

    For those on the east coast of Aust, I am travelling north shortly from the ACT (to the tip) and at some stage will need new tyres as above. Would anyone care to recommend a place who might supply and fit. Doesn't really matter where, I reckon I've got about 10k left on them. Thanks in...
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    Snatch strap alternative?

    Yep, you're right Owen. How about this then - now that I put in the right link -
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    Snatch strap alternative?

    Has anyone tried these as an alternative to the 'usual' style snatch strap -
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    Truck buying advice wanted - first post.

    Don't know what your price range is but this almost fits the criteria you set out. But it is new. And no affiliation whatsoever.
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    Happy New Year - Goodbye 2016

    Happy New Year to you and Allison also. Great to meet you both, enjoyed your company and the summary in the vid above. Dieter and Hanna EV
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    Beeping buzzer after going through water

    Hi Having just returned to the ACT from a 6,000km round trip through NT, I'd like to sort out one of the issues that arose (the other was electrical and I think I've sorted it). Vehicle is a 1996 FG639. On the way up we had a lot of rain, basically 10 days wet weather driving but no issues...