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    Southern Utah Traverse October 2017

    Buttermilk Biscuit, you had a great trip and took great photos. I appreciate you not giving out the details of your route.
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    2015 AT Horizon Overland Trailer

    It is a very nice trailer and still for sale. The price is $16,000.
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    2015 AT Horizon Overland Trailer

    Still for sale. The tent size closed is 83"L, 59"W, 8"H. The room opened is 83"L, 58"W. Here is a link to more details: Thanks for your interest.
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    2015 AT Horizon Overland Trailer

    No tickets to the Omak Stampede but a price drop.
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    2015 AT Horizon Overland Trailer

    SOLD 2015 AT Horizon overland trailer. As they say, loaded. SOLD $16,000. In Omak, WA. In great condition. Easy to tow (you'll forget it's back there). Lots of room in main box and two side boxes for your gear. You can carry enough water (29 gallons) to stay out for days. Here's what you...
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    4Runner Needs Good Shop

    I have a 2004 4Runner SR5 V8 in need of a rear locker, etc. I live halfway between Seattle and Spokane. Can you recommend a shop to do the work? In a couple of months I will be heading to the Southwest and Baja for six months so I could use a shop in Utah or Arizona, although I'd like to have...