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    sold please delete

    Per forum rules, must put price in ad
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    Price Drop: $35,000 2013 Lexus GX460 w/ TAV Stage 1

    I've been an admin here for 10 years and I don't know what's up with folks lately but Ive only banned 1 person in 10 years, but I'm getting prepared to break out Thor's ban hammer. Some of you folks may be new here and simply didn't bother to read the terms of use you agreed to abide by. We do...
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    2021 Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper Grandby Shell - full time overland build

    Thread is being monitored for inflammatory comments -
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    Raptor w/ GFC Camper

    Per the rules, you must provide a location and price or the listing will be removed. Please do so.
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    Polluting vehicle restrictions in Europe

    I'm sending up a red flare warning shot here. This thread is slipping into a political discussion which are not allowed and against the terms of use. Please don't go there.
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    Warning re Jackery product quality/design

    Im suggesting that all of you take a time out for a moment (Voluntarily) from this thread, or we could arrange a temporary vacation from EP if that becomes necessary. This keyboard cowboy stuff isn't gonna fly here.
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    *SOLD* 2016 AEV Prospector XL 6.7 Cummins - Charlotte, NC

    Just a reminder: It is against the terms of participation (use) here to come into another member's classified ad and post any negative or derogatory commentary. Thanks all - DJ
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    (USA) panel options Total Composites or GXV DIY Adventure Kits

    There is a group of folks participating in this thread who are not doing so in the spirit of Expedition Portal. This is a warning shot over the bow of this thread. Pull it back together. Apply the Golden Rule or find another hang. Sorry but the amount of reported posts coming out of this...
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    Warning re Jackery product quality/design

    None of the banter directly above my post is in the spirit of Expedition Portal. Please act gentlemanly to one another. Thanks DJ
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    SOLD 2017 ram diesel flatbed fwc hawk. GO ANYWHERE!! SOLD

    Negative commentary on a sellers post (no matter your personal opinions) is against the terms of use and a ban-worthy offense. If you do not agree with the sellers price or opinion of price, move on quietly. Thanks DJ
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    Conqueror feedback

    MojoRIsen - I owned the first ever Conqueror Commander in the US. It was a non-us-spec trailer. I owned it for 4 years with little issues (had a Conqueror Conquest before that). I was able to make the 220 Euro spec electronics work with a step down transformer (cheap and went through two in 4...
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    My poor man's Earth Roamer design.

    Let's keep this friendly please. That is the spirit of Expedition Portal.
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    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    Let's not resort to personal attacks please
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    Cooler mods: Has anyone done the foam mod?

    This is a language warning. You all agreed to the terms of use when you signed up to participate at Expedition Portal. Our Terms call for family friendly language. If you can’t keep the language In check, I will start banning members. Please keep it in check gentlemen.