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  • forum trouble I keep getting a 503 error when logged in I cant do anything, cant see any forums cant message anyone etc.

    I have been looking at your post on your LR3 development, and I notice that you have taken off your OEM spot lights. I wondered if you would consider selling them to a needy student?


    Yea, I waved at you as I was about 5 miles from the ferry. Definitely one of the best beach experiences for me too. Always impressive rigs out there as well.
    Did you have a good time out on the Banks? You missed the ridiculous lunar tides! Wish I had gotten a better look at your rig, miss my old Disco, and loved that trailer I saw y'all pulling!
    hey man i just starting to work on my land rover lr3 and i also live in Nashville. i was wondering if you have any pro tips.
    Dendy, I am wanting to sell my conqueror conquest trailer. Do you still have individuals that are interested in buying one. If do email me back or give me a call at 816-668-6307. Thanks

    First off, nice rig. Followed your stuff since the 110 and conqueror trailer. Solid stuff all around.

    I am contemplating building a "teardrop" style camper (probably a little misleading) with a similar shape as your commander. Total height will be 7' 6", with a total box length of 10'. I have a 2010 Jeep unlimited Sport, 3.8L.

    Being that you have a similar rig, BUT much nicer and probably a ton stronger. Do you for see any issues with pulling a trailer of that size? I am thinking total finished and loaded trailer weight will be somewhere around 2000#, give or take a few hundred pounds.

    Thank you!
    i am looking for 2 g90s for my sankey trailer. we have discussed them before so i thought you might know of where some might be. i will take the whole set if i can find them but 2 will do if that's all i can find. thank you. jeff shelton. also if you know of where i can get the wolf wheels like you bought i will take the set. thanks again.
    Hey Dendy,

    Don't let the trash talkers get to you. I saw that crap that was going on on the EE thread and it looked(read) really childish. I agree with you 100% that EE does not deserve any more of your business and they will never get mine. I also think your rig is very well put together and fits our area perfectly and who cares what anyone else thinks anyway. If your happy that is all that matters. I heard you got some more winter weather today, I hope this one misses me!

    Take care,

    What year is your 110? It looks very nice like it just rolled out of an assembly line. Great truck. I used to drive 90 in Europe years ago and I loved it.
    I paid $7500 for mine WITHOUT the generator or fridge.
    I think you probably have some wiggle room in the price since he had it priced with out options for a good bit lower.
    They simply are not available here anymore.
    Landed COST on one from South Africa now would be close to $17,000.00
    Do you have a copy of the letter. Im going this weekend to pick it up.

    I appreciate the advise and help.

    So you think $9600.00 us is a good buy?
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