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    Fuso 4x4 Expedition Camper for SALE - $75,000

    Thanks! We love this truck and really want to see it get a new fun home! Really wish we could keep her!
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    2005 F450 Earthroamer XV-LT Extd Cab 40,000 miles 6.0L Diesel No DEF! 4X4 Air Spnsn

    Can you update on your price for selling it? And if the title issue is resolved? Thanks!
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    FGs for sale

    We have posted ours for sale in the FOR SALE Expedition Campers section of this forum. We are constantly torn to keep or sell but there is no where to store here in downtown Houston, Texas for the next five years. Thank you to all those that have helped us build it and met on the road.
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    Lens question for Canon

    Hi, I'm newly into photography (currently traveling US and Canada and just started really enjoying it) and use a Canon 70D for my camera. I currently have several lenses (all of which I actually use): Canon 10-18mm, Canon 70-300mm, Canon 18-135mm, Rokinon 8mm Fisheye, and Rokinon 16mm. I'm...
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    Basecamp Fail... Help!

    Ok nevermind I figured out how to add more points, so I added all my waypoints, put them into a new route, then created a track, then played track. It has all my points but it still just puts a straight line from one point to another, it doesn't follow the roads. Is that normal?
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    Basecamp Fail... Help!

    I had tried that but could only put in a start and an end... I couldn't figure out how to do multiple waypoints so it didn't map the trails I'm wanting... is there a way to put in multiple waypoints into the route planner?
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    Basecamp Fail... Help!

    So I have been trying to figure out how to use Basecamp on my Macbook and to put it lightly I'm having problems. I finally got it to actually drop a waypoint or track but I'm wondering if what I want it to do maybe it won't actually do. We are leaving Thursday for Moab and Southern Utah to head...
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    Our New Fuso FG Build

    We finally made updates to our blog... posted about 5 new posts covering the build, hiccups we've had recently, and what apps and devices we are running for navigation. So if interested check it out: We are picking the truck up today and heading towards Moab...
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    Overland Expo West Roll Call

    We will be there. Heading out from Salt Lake Thursday and spending time in Moab and Southern Utah beforehand. See everyone there!
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    US, Alaska, Canada-

    We are trying to make it to Expo East- we have been the last 2 years- it just kind of depends on how long it takes us to drive back from Canada. It's possible only David and Teddy will make it to East since I start a new job in Houston on October 1.
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    US, Alaska, Canada-

    We will be in British Columbia and the Yukon... hoping to also make it to the NWT
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    Three-across seating in a Fuso 4x4?

    What is your truck set up like? Crawl thru/ no crawl thru? We are only two people in our Fuso FG but we made a middle seat for our dog (which is def a different situation- but we do buckle him in)... if you are talking about a small child you could probably make it work. If you have good shocks...