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    Warn Trans4mer on Silverado 2500HD or any other

    I had one on my 2003HD and really liked it. I too did not need the weight of a full bumper, the install was easy. I did not get the headlight wrap arounds just the center piece, I would do it again with that style of truck.
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    CUV / Crossover with 4Lo

    Jeep commander with, qd2 had low range as well and the new Durango’s if you get the hemi, but the durangos are just awd and no lockers.
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    I've asked this in the past but with new members and all, do any of you drive stock rigs?

    I know that this is a LC section but I think that this applies to all makes and models of vehicles to include UTVs. There are those who mod their vehicles and use the mods, then there are the mall crawlers (posers). To each there own, as long as the owners is happy who cares, its their time and...
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    Talk me out of the TRD Pro

    Are you dead set on the Toyota? If not I would look at the Chevy/GMC Colorado ZR2, it has the higher ground clearance, lockers, and is about the same price as the PRO. Also you have the option of gas or diesel. Just thinking out loud here, good luck with your search.
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    Portable 12v inflator recommendations?

    I second this one, it is what I have and works well.
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    Black Friday deals on fridge/freezer?

    I'll throw my .02 in here and look at truck fridge. They where the best deal around when I bought mine a few years ago. I have had mine running almost none stop since purchasing.
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    Sasquatch - The 2wd B190 Pet Friendly Overland Build

    I think the lift would be nice with 33"s and a locker, but watch the over all height of the van. Looks like a very nice van, keep us posted.
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    Best value in 12V fridges, Indel B vs Dometic

    I have the indel B and it has been running for just over 2 years with no issues. I use it as my beer fridge at home so I never turn it off. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
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    2018 WRANGLER

    Depends where you live. Side X Sides are street legal where I live and see them all the time driving down the street. I like that you can have one set of tires for the woods, one for the street, and one sand dunes. I can change the vehicle set up for multiple locations in a matter of minutes.
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    Hauling my Harley

    What about one of the hitch carriers that only carry the front tire?
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    Seat Install

    I would eliminate the wood but put a piece of dynamat or something similar between the base and the van floor.
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    Who has an oven? Who uses it?

    I have the camp chef oven posted in the previous link and love it. I dont use it in a van but with my camper, this one does not have an oven and this was a good alternative for the price because we use it all the time. I have only had one issue with it and that was that the thermal coupler came...
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    The Lunchbox Build... 4x4 chevy shorty van

    Yes, update please..........................
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    Lucinda Build

    Very cool keep it coming.
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    19' Ford Motorhome

    Love it! Get it converted one day and travel the country. That thing would look awesome with a winch and off road tires. Congrats on the new ride, what year is it?