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    Basic review TrailFX Jeep JK Roof Rack

    So I took the RTT off over the weekend and a few days driving to work and back, this 55 miles one way and a mix of back country paved roads and interstate, so I was able to get a good idea on the wind noise. When I first put the rack on, anything over 40MPH was completely brutal. The noise was...
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    Basic review TrailFX Jeep JK Roof Rack

    I do not review items very often or if ever so if this is a mess sorry for that. Also I have zero affiliation with TrailFX, I paid for this with my hard earned cash. So I was looking for a roof rack for my JK that would not: Cost a lot Require drilling Require modifications to my Jeep After a...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Camping shot is outside of Lake City, CO. Alpine shot is around Engineer Pass.
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    Receiver Shackle Advice Please

    So I have the Factor 55 one (it was old stock from my company and yes US made). I had the solid steel one from made by someone else, however it walked away one day. The steel ones with a soft shackle will not work unless they have been milled with rounded edges. the Factor 55 unit is rounded and...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    So one thing I would do is question Auxbeam on in these are DOT compliant. I highly doubt they are as they only have 12 items on their web page that are. Secondly I would read this well written article from Guru Daniel Stern...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    The problem with the Jeep is that the headlights are slightly recessed, so snow gets in there and starts to pack in. reducing the light output. Simple heated wire on the headlight would resolve this and quickly. Many companies like Truck-Lite and Quadratec's heated LED's have this in their...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    FCA at the very least, should have a service recall out for any jeep sold in a cold and snowy/ icy climate. I am surprised their has not been a class action lawsuit over this yet. I put the Mopar LED's into my JK and after 1 winter I quickly removed them as they were a hazard in the snow. They...
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    Best $200 (or less) Tool Kit for College Student?

    If you have not bought a kit yet, then I would suggest either Husky (Home Depot) or Kobalt / Craftsman (Lowes). Lifetime warranty on some tools (i.e. wrenches and sockets) and Lowes and HD are just about everywhere these days. I had an old (like 30 year old) Craftsman 13" 1/2 inch socket that...
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    SOLD: IBS-DBS Dual battery kit (New) with the IBS Remote Boost Module

    BTT, Someone make me a reasonable offer.
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    Who Still uses cast iron while traveling?

    10" Lodge Skillet for me had it a few years and works fine, always seasoned and stored with my camp kitchen gear. No special way in storing it. Only other thing I carry is a small coated steel pot for cooking.
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    Kong Coolers…Made in the USA

    I will add on the ice retention. Prep is important. Pre cool your cooler the night before helps a lot, and use bricks of ice if you can get them as they will last longer. This goes for any cooler. Years ago I used a Coleman large fishing cooler for a week of 4x4 camping in the summer in BC. 1...
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    Kong Coolers…Made in the USA

    Nice! Always happy to see more made in the USA. Just to add on these coolers. They are certified bear resistant per IGBC. COOLERS REQUIRE USE OF BOLTS OR PADLOCKS TO BE BEAR-RESISTANT Kong Cooler, Model 25 QT - IGBC Certification No. 5147 (Approved 5-12-17) Kong Cooler, Model 50 QT - IGBC...
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    Peg Hammer Options?

    This thread is funny. I camped and backpacked for years and never knew there were dedicated hammers for pegs. I always thought people used whatever hammering tool they had in their tool box. I have used a hammer from my car tool kit, hatchet/ axe or a rock. I have never brought a separate hammer...
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    SOLD: IBS-DBS Dual battery kit (New) with the IBS Remote Boost Module

    So this is the complete kit. I bought it and decided to custom make my own setup so I never installed this system. Includes new #4 welding wire cable (red and black, I believe 10'). New at just about $500 with the RB module. Asking $350 shipped anywhere in the continental USA.