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    OX Rhino Hitch for a LR3/4

    OX Rhino Hitch for a LR3 Used once to tow a military trailer about 4 hours home. I had big plans but have since bought a new 3/4 ton truck and no longer need this. Paid $623 shipped. Asking $380 shipped in the continental US. Bought it in July 2020 from Tactical 4x4. . I have the LR4 spacer...
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    Yep message sent
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    LLams kit new for a LR3/4

    I bought this from another forum member and never installed it. Asking what I paid for it $135 shipped tothe continental US. more info at HTTPS://
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    I have a IIDTool BT (BG3) for sale. Used it once on my LR3. I bought it July this year from Lucky8. Paid $512 for it. I will take $350 shipped in the lower 48. You will need to transfer ownership hence why the lower price. I do not have the box any more, and I will include the cable to connect...
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    and its Bullet Proof

    I like this feature The vehicle's electrified, anti-grab door handles stun any unwanted visitors.
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    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    I need to get a spare PCV. I have one now, but it is going on the LR3 soon as I do not know the last time it was changed. I will probably carry something like that in the cargo storage bins. The #2 battery I have been thinking about alot. However I am still up in the air. I have the battery...
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    Building a Micro-Split AC System

    Oh I will have the space as I am building this from scratch and will incorporate AC into it. It is hot on the east coast in the summer. Currently 98* feels like 105*. I will check it out thanks for the link!
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    Building a Micro-Split AC System

    While I thought you were a madman, now I am wondering. After looking at small systems out there most are $$$, mounted to the roof (not ideal for clearance) or not great quality. I happen to have a spare unit I bought and never used, I may have to copy you here as this would be perfect for my...
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?
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    Popup top on a trailer

    Take a older popup camper that someone is basically trashing and keep the mechanicals to build mine. It is an options for sure, thanks! I was looking at just that, how to widen the fender wells. I will say these trailers are build to withstand some major abuse. It looks relatively easy, I need...
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Hi Robert, Great! I like my table a lot like you mentioned It is solid. I use it as a stove base all the time. It really is a solid table. I also have one of his food/ chuck boxes. Built the same and while heavier, I never have to worry about it getting damaged. Plus it hold everything one...
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    Popup top on a trailer

    Ok so the title is maybe not what some may think. I am getting the ideas for my M101A2 build. Currently it has a ARE contractors cap with the side openings and single rear door in the middle. The side openings also have sliding windows and I may just seal the sides up and use only the sliding...
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    GROUP BUY: Kermit Chair Group Buy - Expedition Portal Logo Optional!

    Count me in for at least 2 (probably 3)
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    Trailer go BOOM BOOM

    WOW! Something you just do not think about. I had one of those 3 way furnaces before and I was seriously thinking about putting one in my new camper, after seeing this I am totally changing that. Glad everyone is Ok and while the truck is damaged and the trailer is gone, you are not. Things...