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    SOLD // SOLD //2017 Fuso FG 4X4

    This is actually pretty tempting to replace my 80 series. Probably same mpg.
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    SOLD // SOLD //2017 Fuso FG 4X4

    Does the side door have an attached ladder that drops down when you open the door, or you need to put a step ladder down?
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    Cargo Rack Generator Carrier Build!

    Moving it back and forth sounds like a big pita. That gen isnt very big, you could just have it up front all the time. Wont block your lights and the air flow issues should be ok accept in special situations like slower high heat up hill.
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    98 E-350 Type II McCoy Miller Ambulance Conversion

    I have had that crazy long warm up and super rough idle in the past. Was always due to bad oil. Either to long between changes or the wrong oil. That was my experience
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I was all set to upgrade to a 2020 AWD till I found out they have HALF the towing capacity of the E-series. I was pretty bummed TBH
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    2003 E350 Ford Ambulance 4WD and high roof

    One, sucky, picture is all we get?
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    do not open this post; it will annoy ableguy

    Are there any O's available?
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    2011 Crown Vic Police Interceptor Dirt Car. -SOLD-

    Desperately trying to think of a reason I should buy this.
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    Big Azz 4x4 Camo truck in Utaha
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    Adventure School Bus Conversion

    If this bus sells for over 25K I will eat my hat.
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    Unimog S404.0 300TDI Expedition Camper

    138cm must be typo. 178 maybe?
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    2005 Armored 4wd Excursion Limo only 4k miles

    This thing is damn nice. I would drive it. Only like 1 foot longer than my van that I drive every day