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    The New FabworX Hybrid Electric Remote Control Rock and Roll Bed

    Does this thing remotely change into a bed? Like wtf are we looking at?
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    2005 Armored 4wd Excursion Limo only 4k miles

    This thing is damn nice. I would drive it. Only like 1 foot longer than my van that I drive every day
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    For Sale ARB diff breather

    Oh it's huge. Thought it was one of the stove stands. TY Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
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    For Sale ARB diff breather

    what size table and price?
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    Mega Gear Sale

    My Goodness! Can we trade Dads? Send PM if interested
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    **SOLD** James Baroud Grand Raid XXL

    Bought it lightly used to try out the RTT thing. Tried it for one trip. I would rather just sleep in my 80. If my wife would ever go anywhere with me I would keep it. Couple black marks on top that you could buff out if that's what you are into. Everything else is in near perfect shape. No rips...
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    Sprinter 4WD vs Fuso FG

    Probably figure out more what you really want to do so you can stop comparing apples to cantaloupes.