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    Axle Confusion

    Elvota, you're in Prescott, Go ask questions of the fine folks at ATOverland... They build great expedition trailers, and toppers, and other Off-highway travel stuff. Just sayin, Wish I were closer. DG
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    Expedition Trailer Product Testers Needed!

    Kremer5, We have a 2018 Tacoma DoubleCab, Short-bed, TRD-Offroad. If they are still available, Would love see pictures of the trailer, wheels, etc. I'll be more than happy to beat on them and give feedback. Lots of Off-highway trails here in Idaho. Link to the Ice Queen...
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    Laptops for Overlanding Travels

    We run with the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and a 3TB WD "MyBook"... The Dell has plenty of power to move video and photo's. I also like the fact that I can turn it into a Tablet. I keep trying to tell the Mrs., we need a Drone too...
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    WTB: 73/74 Series Land Cruiser in the US

    Irish_11 - ToyotaUSA and Canada, did not import the 70 Series into the states. You are going to have to import one from South America, Europe, South Africa. Beware that some U.S. won't license a Right-hand Drive Vehicle... I have an 88 62Series, with Auto and Gas, Where if I had had the choice...
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    Very good deal- Expedition rig

    Most likely NO! because it's a 2019. Unless there is a Iveco Dealer in Canada...
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    Arriving at a fair price for my 2019 Tacoma Overlander, 3300 miles

    ZioEdo, we leased a 2018 Tacoma DCSB, TRD-Offroad, Auto. We added Rockers (Steps), better/larger tires, added an ARE bed-cover, and Bed-Slide. We have 24,000 miles on it with all the recall repairs done. Toyota's buy-out of the Lease, with Idaho sales Tax, is 30,200 and change. The Federal...
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    SOLD Mobile Wifi Setup: Cellular Modem and Roof Antenna

    There are numerous 4G-LTE Cellular Routers avail, some are not designed or tested to be mobile. The # 1 issue is getting a great Antenna. If you have any bars on your Cellphone, the Router with Good Antenna with boost that signal. I use a Cradlepoint and Panorama combination.
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    2 spare tires?

    Aired down 5 to 7 pounds, Was on a Forest Service dirt road with very sharp rocks. DG
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    2 spare tires?

    I carry 2 spares, esp in the spring, early summer. I've blown two tires on the same road, going to a flyfishing hole, and returning. I was very happy to have the 2nd wheel & tire. It would have been a several 100 mile tow bill, not covered by AAA. We are considering a 2nd spare for the Tacoma...
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    How Much Worst is an 80 in an Emergency Maneuver (swerve) than a 100?

    SoyBoy, Safety starts by NOT over-driving the vehicle! - In what ever condition you're in... Period. Clay Croft of Expedition Overland publicly stated, the he thinks the 100 Series is the best LandCruiser... He's had a 62 series, FZJ80, a Tacoma, a Tundra Platinum, and the 100 Series. No...
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    Decked storage vs bedslide for Tacoma with cap

    We went with the Bed-slide system, for our Tacoma TRD Off-road Short-bed. Very handy for packing for different trips. The tie-downs are strong. We found storage bins that stake, and lock in place. Small rachet-straps keeps everything secure.
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    Help me pick a Toyota platform? Trying to decide amongst: LX/LC/GX/4R/Taco

    Since we have an OLD, well used 88-62series, and a 2018 TRD-Offroad, DC, SB Tacoma. I'd look for a 100Series that has been someones grocery getter. Then remove front and rear bumpers, Replacing them with your choice (I'd still go with ARB). 12,000 Lbs Warn Winch, Spare tire on the rear...
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    Brunswick, Ga to Jackson Wy....

    Buck, are you doing is one a Bike, or in a 4-wheel vehicle? That changes the dynamics, and travel times. What is your comforterable Drive time? I'd drive as far and fast as you can going over, to spend more time in the teton valley. Lots to see and do... Are you a Fly-fisher? Gibbs
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    Whats next at EarthCruiser

    hey Lance, Since you have experience with the Iveco 4X4 Daily, can you give us some insight, why that chassis isn't available in the US? Is Fiat worried that it take sales away from the Dodge Promaster? Hope you and the Mrs., are healthy, safe and sane. David - in Boise.
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    Things to hate about a 2020 Tacoma...

    We have a 2018 TRD Off-road, Double Cab, Short-bed. I've been happy with it, Beeps and all. We deliberately ran it past the 15 mile to empty. We think the reserve is 2 gallons. My issue is with the gearing of the Automatic transmission, wish I had a real 6 speed gearbox, and a true Over-drive...