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    59 CJ3B vintage expo. project.

    That windshield is interesting. For a time some Jeeps with that opening h were used as a platform for a recoiless rifle
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    Full sets of NA Gazetteers

    TOPO USA would be a lot cheaper and less bulky. Don’t know if it’s still sold new, but my old DVD based one works great.
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    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    The only thing mounted to the toll bar is the quick release bracket common to most extinguishers. If needed I just flip a lever and lift extinguisher from bracket to use. Fill gauge is visible when I open the tailgate. It’s out of the way.
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    Which Jeep Model & Why?

    2012 and up Jeep Rubicon.
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    On board air VS Portable compressor VS Powertank/CO2

    I’ve had great luck with the pricier Smittybilt compressor. Hooks to battery. About 3 min to go from 15 to 35 lb on a 35 x 12.50 tire. Gets hot after four tired, but really works. About $150.
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    fire extinguisher recommendation requested

    Hose clamps to mount extinguisher on diagonal roll cage bar at rear of Jeep works best for my 5 lb extinguisher. Out of the way but easy to get to
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    Cell phone booster

    I have a Wilson Sleek. It does a nice job amplifying an existing but weak signal.
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    2014 Subaru Crosstrek for sale

    Interested. What transmission? Tire specifics.
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    JK Interior Remodel

    Nice job!
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    Printing Avenza TOPO maps

    Thanks. Makes perfect sense.
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    Printing Avenza TOPO maps

    I like using Avenza. Is there a way to print the maps?
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    XJ Roof Top Tent mounting question

    I had a Maggiolina mounted on the gutters of my 97 XJ. Did a quick release mount with RTT storage in ceiling of garage. Many on and offs over 7 years and many trips with no problems
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    Bear safety in RTT's and soft sided campers/tents

    When I had a RTT I'd unhook the ladder and let it fall to the ground. Clamber down the side in the morning. No bears climbing up and no grounding in a storm. Loaded pistol or bear spray upstairs if you get a really aggressive bear.
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    Anti-Sway Bars with RTT?

    Coil springs are just like a Slinky toy. Once they start to go over they keep in going. A Jeep Rubicon is a very capable off-roader. Has coil springs. Also has a sway bar disconnect, but only on the front. When I use to off-road extreme lifted Samurais one ofthe tip offs to an impending...