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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    Yup. There's a daily morning net here called the Oatmeal Net and it's literally a 10 second check-in with your call sign and what you had for breakfast. Taken out of context it's silly but what it amounts to is 20+ long time friends checking up each other every morning. Gen Z would do it with...
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    High Amperage Power Point (HAPP) for multiple high amp accessories

    The HAPP is a OEM bussbar that Ram offers for upfitting. The two studs to the right look to accept Littelfuse Z-Case fuses. The stud to the left seems to be an 8mm unfused rated 300 amps...
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    Yup, get them installed and don't be afraid to use them. It may not always be riveting topics but just keying up and saying good morning to the regulars on a local repeater during your commute is significant. You know your radio works and get to know other hams around you.
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    The questions you're asking @pith helmet are core to ham radio but can be complex to answer because the scope and scale vary with the emergency. It could be as simple as your radios are an alternative to cell phones and range all the way up to a nation-level coordinated net of amateurs. I...
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    Best Real-Time GPS Tracking Apps

    Orux can also read Mapforge and Garmin IMG maps, which is pretty handy.
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    And it's not just on 40m they're doing it. Intentional interference is something the repeater operators here in Colorado (I think NM, too) have been dealing with lately on the linked systems (Colorado Connection, Skyhub Link, Rocky Mountain Ham DMR). Just don't get it. We just lost our 3.5...
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    2 spare tires?

    Got it, bad Overlander®. So am I to wait for road side assistance? Never thought my life would be in peril walking a couple of miles to find 4 bars of cell signal. But then again I forget, we're thinking about being stuck in Botswana with a sat phone at hand not about driving trails in...
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    Will this radio transmit on GMRS frequencies?

    This statement is 180° wrong. Actual USAF and Army MARS/CAP cares about the equipment you use far more than the FCC. They require operators to have radios that meet NTIA standards, which for the most part ham radios do not. Even old used public service and business band radios are marginal...
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ

    There's a lot made of iMessage or Signal. Now that's encrypted messaging. I wonder what these guys think of spread spectrum, something the FCC asked hams to take beyond the miliary and experiment with 40 years ago. Or PC-ALE, the automatic link establishment on HF that frequency hops to find...
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    HAM radio/amateur radio FAQ It's not just Winlink they don't like, it's anything they can't tune up and listen to with a boat anchor. It seems to me to boil down to not liking people experimenting or...
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    2 spare tires?

    I've had more than one flat on a trip but my $0.02 is two spares are important when walking to get or summoning help is not possible. In my case I was able to plug the second flat and limp to a tire store. Inconvenient, yup. Life threatening. Nope. This was before the proliferation of cell...
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    Ford Explorer Timberline

    It could be worse, Toyota decided to put a typical 1st gear and only one OD in my 6 speed Tacoma. If they had two overdrive gears then I could at least drop the axle gearing to compensate. The transmission is the same as the Camaro and some Cadillac, which, you know, makes perfect sense.
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    Ford Explorer Timberline

    To me it's not so much lacking a two-speed transfer case but lacking low gearing. The new Explorer has a 10-speed transmission but 1st is 17:1 while a decade ago a body-on-frame Explorer with a 5-speed auto and 2-speed t-case had a 1st-gear/low range of 30:1. All the torque vectoring, Torsen...
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    Mint "80" - Would You Have the Roof Cut Off to Install a Campteq?

    I'm hip to the @SoyBoy's sensibilities about not destroying all that is beautiful in this world. They ain't making more old Cruisers after all. But melding a thing of genius (done nicely maybe at least) to one isn't the same as gutting and chopping one for a hot rod or making a rock crawler...
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    New Garmin GPS/Radio combo, pretty cool

    GMRS is close and could have been cleared up in 2017 but the FCC is run by bureaucrats and lawyers more interested in protecting Verizon's spectrum from the hoards.