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    Nice SW Utah Newer F-250 XLT, with Northstar Pop Up

    That is a nice find but so everyone knows, that is in western CO, not UT.
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    Highroller Jeeps

    Thanks for the input all! Good find on that link Kmrtnsn. Those are them, all in German though! I don’t like the grilles either! Most everything seems high quality: Freespirit RTT and awning, Ridgid lights, ARB or Dometic coolers. I’d be surprised if the rack was lower spec’d than the other...
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    Highroller Jeeps

    Anybody know anything about these? They were a fleet of rentals and the dealership I work for is selling three of them. I want to know as much as possible about them so I’m prepared. Suspension and drivetrain are all stock and I can assemble the list of the expedition components fairly easily...
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    4x4 NPR Build Complete - Cabover Campers Llc.

    That has to be the most vague answer ever!
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    4x4 IFS Swap in Heavy truck

    My comment got buried in drama. This is a killer setup in the Protec.
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    4x4 IFS Swap in Heavy truck

    There’s also the Meritor Protec
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    Discussion on the 2021 Isuzu/Chevy 6.6L Gas Cabover Platform

    The outgoing powertrain used the 4L80E and not the Allison.
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    SOLD: 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road, DCSB

    Fantastic truck and it looks like a great deal in the So. UT market. May want to put it on FB Marketplace though!
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    4x4 NPR Build Complete - Cabover Campers Llc.

    Any details on the 4x4 conversion?
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    (Another) 2021 Ram 5500 Build Thread

    Looking forward to seeing the build. I’m in St. George if you ever need a hand. I don’t really bring any special skills to the table, but I can lift panels with the best of them!
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    Build: Ram 3500 and Aluminum/Composite Expedition Camper

    Really cool tools, but am I right there’s probably about $20k of fabrication tools there and yet you don’t fabricate professionally?
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    Vehicle for Family of 6 Camping Trips

    While not applicable to this thread, I really want to know where you can get a 2014-15 4Runner for under $20k? I’ll buy 10 of them.
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    Katzkin leather seat re-upholstery?

    Agreed...very good stuff. Not custom shop grade, but a couple steps better than factory. Is the $1800 for a three row vehicle?
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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    This is an excellent build! Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
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    Earthroamer - Living full time questions

    Which chassis are you considering for the basis? I think that would have a large bearing on overall maintenance costs and a ballpark estimate could be had by combing commercial use forums.