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    Vehicle for Family of 6 Camping Trips

    While not applicable to this thread, I really want to know where you can get a 2014-15 4Runner for under $20k? I’ll buy 10 of them.
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    Katzkin leather seat re-upholstery?

    Agreed...very good stuff. Not custom shop grade, but a couple steps better than factory. Is the $1800 for a three row vehicle?
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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    This is an excellent build! Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
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    Earthroamer - Living full time questions

    Which chassis are you considering for the basis? I think that would have a large bearing on overall maintenance costs and a ballpark estimate could be had by combing commercial use forums.
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    1994 Unimog camper

    Just found this on my local CL. No relation:
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    Back on Market--2018 Conqueror UEV-490 Platinum $39,900 in Midway, Utah

    So y’all know, sales tax in UT is from 6.45-6.85%. Since that was purchased in CO my best guess is CO charges a small tax on out of state purchases and the buyer still has to pay sales tax in their home state.
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    Testing waters-2007 F550 crew cab 4x4

    Yes, stock tire size and duals. It is a local diesel shop doing the work for me. Don’t have the final bill yet but it should be $4k. I’ll talk to him on warranty. He was saying one year for here locally, unsure how that would work with an out of area sale. I may try to get some pics in the shop...
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    Testing waters-2007 F550 crew cab 4x4

    I came across a good deal on one. I have it in the shop getting egr delete, oil cooler, and head studs. I dream of building it into my own rig but it may be premature on my part so I’m seeing if there’s interest. 2007 F550 Crew Cab XL 4x4 Automatic 60” CA cab and chassis 107k miles...
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    1960 International

    I agree! I wish I had the space to work on it.
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    1960 International

    This would be so cool when finished:
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    Alaskan Camper

    Saw this on my local CL tonight and it’s just not the right time for me:
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    Help!! Custom/DIY roof raise and sleeper loft/attic on retired ambulance??!??

    It is a shame the 6.0 has so many struggles as it really is one of my favorite engines to drive. As was suggested above, long trips are key to it. I’ve seen many without a sign of trouble into the 200k mile range but I’ve also seen more than a few with significant trouble well under 100k miles...
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    Financing question

    There’s many RV loan companies including most credit unions. Otherwise the specialty finance companies like Haggerty.
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    WTB: Lexus GX470/Toyota 4R/LC100/LX470 — Stock to Mildly Built (lift/tires/sliders) — In SoCal; may travel

    Not sure if allowed, but I represent a dealer in Southern Utah (7 hours away). I have a white on beige 2004 GX470 with 118725 miles. We’re asking $14450. PM me if you want a link to the listing. It may be another day yet as it just came in.