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  • Does that isolator fit between the two side rollers of the fairlead? Might be interested but would like to see how it fits together.
    Yeah with ABS. Precision 515061 is the model number. Yeah, I wouldn't be top worried about the warranty just because I usually don't see them go bad before the warranty expires anyway. I saw a set go at 60k, that was the earliest ive personally seen. The warranty is long gone by then.
    Hey man I noticed in your thread that your unit bearings took a dump. I have an extra set of Napa Premium hubs, they retail at 225 each plus tax of course. Id sell a set to you for 375 shipped if interested. Save yourself several bucks on tax and over retail. Brand new in the box, I bought them for a buddy but he did a dynatrac kit instead. Of course after I sold my dynatrac hubs hahaha. Let me know.
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