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    What just happened? Titan Shock oops

    Good option ... they ride amazing compared to stock.... I heard the ride is better if you put the spacer and leave the shocks at 0" instead of removing the spacer and adjusting the shocks to 2"..... and you would be at the same height...
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    Herbie Around the World (VW Bug) with a trailer...

    that's exactly what I was thinking ;)
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    2011 v8 Colorado build

    wow just wow... love it
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    1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.2L Kubota diesel swap

    thats a small engine... signing up for updates
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    Himalaya 4x4 Defender 110's

    great video production and keep up the awesome work they look fab ;) minus the wheels (at least they are not on 24" right )
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    Team Bongo #33 - Aventura 4x4 - Maya Rally Picture Gallery Consulting fees optional:)

    como me gustaria hacer una corrida asi en Mexico... Thanks for sharing
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    1976 Scout Traveler, Ultimate Expedition Build

    awesome built and skills ....
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    98 Jeep ZJ "SHTFV"

    One day.....hopefully one day Ill own something cool like your rig. Thanks for sharing
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    5700 Miles in 12 days in 1994 FZJ80

    nice trip, thanks for sharing
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    Austin's Duramax Expo/Recovery Build

    What brand LED fogs are you running, love The X and the cheby look nice....
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    Hey guys I been reading on the 80's and Im falling in love with it ...

    Im still on the search guys.... Believe me guys gas wont be an issue I actual would be gaining some mpg, I get around 11mpg on the Titan....
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    KTMK36's 1989 Mitsubishi Montero Cosmetic rebuild

    love the interior ...
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    Hey guys I been reading on the 80's and Im falling in love with it ...

    thanks guys Im going to see if I can find a different one unless he gives me a good price for it, the rust spot is not on the hood is where the hood rest when closed , the guy used to leave in chicago for a few years... will see Ill make sure I check all the metal do you guys know any spots I...
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    Hey guys I been reading on the 80's and Im falling in love with it ...

    I have an opportunity to get an 80's is a 1993 with around 200k looks real good there is some surface rust on the body(rear passanger quarter panel and around the hood) , I check the frame and didnt see any rust on it... also there some signs of oil leak from the Tcase and ac leak... which from...
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    One Lucky Guy Takes two Beautiful Females to the Eastern Sierra

    JUST BEAUTIFUL .... Im so jealous of the land and the availability to explore it ...