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    Apologies in advance (horse beater here)

    Found them..
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    Apologies in advance (horse beater here)

    Those Al wheels from most of those guys are actually made in China, and for the life of me I can't remember what the heck the manufacturer name is. When I got mine from EC for my old rig, they shipped them in the original boxes. I remember looking them up and they supplied quite a few big names...
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    1999 Discovery, $4,500. "Ran When Parked"

    "I don't know much about cars" and "nitrous"...yeah, those two together will guarantee a good used car buy, lol.
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    Insurance on Imported RV?

    My mistake, getting old and forgetful stinks, let me tell ya. It was Gulfway. Good luck with it, check out their collector truck insurance. I'm sure there are others, I think best place to check would be race forums, MVPA, and it couldn't hurt to dig...
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    Insurance on Imported RV?

    Go with an insurer like Gulf Coast, that specializes in unusual vehicles.
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    Another Fuso Build Thread

    Yes, that's the thing, there's always a compromise to be made. On the older EarthCruiser I had, the AC unit was mounted in the rear, between the frame rails. Nice and low, but hard to maintain, and due to limited space also had limited cooling capabilities. In that case, anything was better...
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    Another Fuso Build Thread

    Well, if you ever do head south into the deserts, that reefer would be a mighty fine thing to have. ;)
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    Fluid Level Double Clutch Housing: 2017 FG w/Duonic

    Hi Howard, yes, doing well and up in Alaska. I see that EC has our old FX20 on consignment, guess it didn't work out for the new owners? If you folks do manage to make the drive up here, look us up! We're in the Mat-Su valley, above Anchorage. On the way to Denali. I seem to remember that...
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    Fluid Level Double Clutch Housing: 2017 FG w/Duonic

    Hi Howard, Did you try calling Gene or whatever his name is - the regional FUSO rep? Past that I'd check with your local service guy to see if there's a TSB dealing with this, but I'll bet what happened is someone used that top plug as you suspect.
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    1996 Callen camper $2,500 (Escondido, California)

    I'm not terribly surprised. I've got one on my F350, up here in Alaska. When I lived down in the San Diego area I tried to have some work done on the wiring and a few other things on the camper, but I had a heckuva time getting anything sorted. This was some years ago, but even then the son was...
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    In search for a 4x4 truck with true 4 season camper, Canada, BC

    Cache Campers and Northwoods Campers (specifically the Arctic Fox), both made in Alaska are another two you might come across and should be considered.
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    1978 Unimog - $42,000

    It never ceases to amaze me how someone can advertise a $42,000 vehicle, and put up one crappy pic and almost no details, and expect a good response.
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    FOR SALE: 1961 UNIMOG 404.1 Swiss Troops Carrier, $8,900

    What do you mean by "won't drive in fifth gear"? It locks up, or it doesn't transmit torque, or it simply won't go into fifth?
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    Erratic Temp Gauge 2007 FG140 4m50 engine.

    I'd look into connections and grounds first. I didn't have that issue on our FUSO, but I've had it on various other vehicles. If you have the shop manual you'll find the measurements to be able to test the sender and verify whether it's good or bad. But I'll bet connections and grounds. Other...