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    Help with leaking window

    Short of pulling the window and resealing the exterior rubber gasket with silicone caulking, you could use packing tape on the exterior top and sides if you can get the area dry enough. Certainly not a permanent fix, but may shed enough water until you can do it properly. You are correct, if...
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    Suzuki Owners; Let's see your ExPo Trucks

    Slowly getting this guy dialed in and presentable: OME YJ SPUA, 235/85/16
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    Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 tire options for stock rims

    255/85/16 (~33.1x10.0") is a common up-size for dualies. Cooper S/T Maxx would be a great all arounder, and they do offer that size, though theirs shakes out to only 32.8 x 10.2".
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    Should I buy a 1st Gen Sequoia?

    Bumping this up for 4WD info between 01-04 and 05-07. My '99 4Runner has the multimode transfercase offering push button AWD, and a J shifter to switch between 2wd, 4hi, and 4low. It has worked flawlessly for 270k miles. I see 01-04 Sequoias have a manual shifter still which operates 2wd...
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    FGs for sale

    Any "fresh" 05-07s pop up recently? Obviously looking for the same things as everyone else, but am running out of leads! Desired specs: Mileage: ~100k Chassis: Bare cab and chassis, dump bed fine if landscaping vehicle. Condition: Minimal frame rust, West Coast truck. Prefer clean interior...
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    Keeping it simple -02 Tacoma "build"

    Looking good; shying away slightly from the "keeping it simple" motif of the thread title :).
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    Tire size request link on Treadwrights website-255 85 R16

    Pretty sure they aren't able to secure a reliable source for large quantities of the 255/85 carcass is what I read last.
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    A new owner deals with maintenance on a 2003 Tacoma

    Yea, 3k is almost unbelievable...but it is in Kansas...:ugh:
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    ****SOLD****Clean 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4wd SR5 with extras (Dallas, TX)

    Glacier! Rare rare color, good luck seeing one of these around you! BTT, clean rig.
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    Anyone know what wheel this is?

    X2, American Racing ATX Mojave Telfon
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    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Very tasteful build! Good to see you didn't throw a credit card at every shiny accessory like most Tacoma builds you see these days.
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    Yokohama geolandar G015 or Coopers?

    I've run several sets of the Geolander AT/S, only punctured one sidewall in the desert and that was from being stupid. Would love to try to the new G015, just bummed they only offer a couple D rated choices...:squint:
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    Basic rigs?

    This is the kind of thread that makes it too easy to poke fun at all the rigs on here that were dragged through a collection of Overland Journals. :rolleyes: As everyone else said, a good set of tires, some block ice, and a bit common sense will get you into, as well as out of, all kinds of...
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    80 Series Wheels

    Wicked deal. I'm guessing he has the 231mm. I have the 199mm tundra brakes and 80 series wheels work with a touch of a grinder to the edges.
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    lighting experts

    Another vote for Hella 4000's. Robust metal construction; had mine on my truck since 2007. Easy to convert to HID if you choose, i've had 5000k in the past and now 4300k.