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  • Thank you so very much for your insight and advice. I replaced all 4 tires when I bought it and I am trying to make them last and increase the ride. I did do what most don't and bought the factory replacement shocks for the adjustable system. They are going to get put on at the same time. I get quite a bit of wash board from the front so I decided to replace them. I will keep you posted on my progress if you don't mind hearing about it. I think its important for young Jedi to inform Obi-Wan Kenobi of their students progress. Thanks again.
    Scott, unless your upper control arm bushings are completely worn out, I would just stick to the upper ball joints, which usually wear out before the bushings do. That said, if you can see your bushings are deteriorated or you want to get everything done at the same time while the suspension is apart, it might make sense to replace the upper control arms/bushings which I believe come with new balls joints already in place. For reference, I bought my Montero at 113k miles and the suspension was very sloppy. I replaced everything but the upper control arms/bushings and at 155k miles it still feels like a new car.
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