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    Quick pitch style vehicle mounted shower enclosures

    I sincerely appreciate the input here gentlemen, very insightful. FrenchieXJ, would you be willing to tell me the brand of the 52" square enclosure that you do like best? No need to mention the brands you sold to others. Also, if by chance you have any pics of your home brew tarp setup, that...
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    Quick pitch style vehicle mounted shower enclosures

    I believe Bundutec simply resells the Quick Pitch Ensuite.
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    Quick pitch style vehicle mounted shower enclosures

    I'm looking at these quick pitch shower / toilet enclosures, and curious what other's experiences have been. Ideally, I could quickly mount one to my pickup truck rack OR the side of my Intech camper. There are a lot of times when all I need is a quick enclosure for a shower or more often to...
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    Joolca HOTTAP V2 Nomad Kit. Is it worth the price?

    I own the whole kit, plus their double shower enclosure. The quality of the whole setup is what I would expect for the price. I don't like the blue plastic sink, it is fairly brittle and getting everything back inside of it is a small hassle. The biggest issue is the setup, it takes a bit of...
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    Joolca Ensuite Double. Updated, tour, and Zodi hot shower mod video added,

    I just used mine for 2 weeks at multiple sites. Really nice double enclosure, at a really nice price. Setup and take down are really quick and hassle free, I stake the 4 corners with lag bolts and my 18v impact gun. These aren't of the highest quality, but are very well thought out and so...
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    Engel MT60 and Tembo Tusk slide

    I've got it in the truck now on 2 by 8's to space it up. It should be fine for this trip, and I'm looking to replace the cover with an RSI cap later this year. Thanks for looking into the Dometic plug for me.
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    Engel MT60 and Tembo Tusk slide

    Does Dometic use this same style plug: https://absolute-wits-end.com/anderson-sb50-dc-power-cable-for-arb-engel-3-pin/#gallery-2
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    Engel MT60 and Tembo Tusk slide

    I can’t put a notch in the slide, as the inner lip sits very close to the sliding rail mechanism. So, nothing would be gained by notching it. I wound up putting 2 - 2x8’s under the fridge, raising it an inch and a half. This allows the plug to ride inside a channel built in the slide. I’d...
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    Engel MT60 and Tembo Tusk slide

    I just took receipt of a new Engel MT60 and an accompanying Tembo Tusk jumbo flat slide. I was told the Engel would fit, and it does, minus the electrical connections. The fridge has 90 degree female cords 12v and 110v) that plug into the right front corner of the fridge. The thickness of the...
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    Dreadlocks outfitting of InTech Discover

    Hey Dreadlocks. I sent you a PM, but haven't heard back. I hope everything is alright on your end. I'm looking to replicate your Propex install. Any chance you have a parts list for the intake and exhaust piping, and the heats outlet(s)? Also looking for more info on how you brought the...
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    FS: James Baroud Evasion XXL RTT PRICE DROP

    Sick RTT, looks better thought out than my Maggiolina. What brand and type of truck rack is that, and do you like it?
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    Marmot down parka, Osprey pack, Womens Polo jacket

    sorry for the late response, jacket and everything else sold!
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    FS or Trade, Built 86 FJ60 (PA)

    I used to own this..... wish I could buy it back! Humor me Aaron, how much are you trying to get for an outright sale? Does Gary know you're selling, he always seems to like buying his old toys back.
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    87 Dodge Quigley 4x4 Van

    sorry, the van has been sold.