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  • Andre,
    I hear you. I'd be willing to go up to 1100. But its hard for me to justify 1200 on a used one when new I can get it new for 75 more plus tax... What do you say?

    Nevermind my last msg, now I found your reply... Lol... I could do $1200 delivered to you, the tent is as new with only 5 nights in it and annex never even attached, it's under 8 months old. I'm taking a loss of 400 in just 5 nights of use..
    Thanks for the pm. Tepui is having a sale and the new Atuanas are 1275 right now. I was planning on heading to Santa Cruz (to avoid shipping) and pick one up but then decided to search for a used one. With them on sale I figure a fair price for a used tent is in the 900 range. If you are heading this way anyway and save me a trip to Santa cruz that is worth another 100. Is $1,000 reasonable?

    Scott. 916 261 6055
    I have an 8 month old Tepui Autana with annex, absolutely Like New! Used 5 times (only 5 nights) by my self. Thought the kids would join me on my trips, that never happened. Annex has never even been installed.. No stains, no rips... Absolutely in NEW CONDITION. I paid 1400 plus 200 shipping.. I'm in Oregon and will be traveling to Sacramento and San Fran within the next 2 weeks for sure and could bring it down with me. Let me know if interested and what your looking to spend.
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