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    My Gen 2.5 Journey, a build thread.

    And he still drove it out... tough as nails. Rig looks good mate
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    Which truck for me?

    As someone who is running a full IFS/IRS wagon weighing 400kg over GVM and traversing through Africa and Australia, I can vouch the only way ifs fails (if it fails) is lack of maintenance, which is just grease the damn thing, which we all know the oil patch boys do so well... im from Alberta...
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    Which truck for me?

    Please explain how you think IFS is unreliable/ poor durability? This has got to be the biggest myth running... I have zero issues with any of my IFS/IRS 4wd's
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    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    Heading back through Zambia to SA for break.
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    1999 Land Cruiser 90 Series diesel (Toyota Newb)

    Ill give ya 10 extra poser points mate.
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    Around Africa in our shorty

    So I am working in DRC now, so I figured why not just temp import the wagon. anyway, a quote of 4000usd later the car is back in SA. a little rich for my blood. I made it to Joburg in 3 days with border crossings, it wasnt easy, but the ol wagon gets the job done and passes anything like its...
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    Around Africa in our shorty

    Been working but escaped for a quick little tour. Locals washing: Stopped at a nice place for a fish and relax: Paj posed up: Decided to take a slightly rougher route home. nice drive:
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    1997 Pajero Evolution (Old Betsy VII)

    Can you send me a mitsu maple to africa please... drc to be exact.
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    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    Well get your alignment done fully loaded then. My pajero has IFS and IRS, I am well... well loaded and have zero issues with alignment or funny tyre wear.maybe a vehicle brand issue??? lol. as for complexity, I wouldn't say its an issue. everything is tucked out of the way on ifs except the...
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Went back to basic after the drawers became way to heavy. simple build for a false floor. Top level houses the 80L waeco, on the right is the 2 x tables, 3 x 20L water jugs and the blue box for our daily use items on the far right is my electrical controls hidden away and underneath the false...
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    So you want to put King shocks on a Third Gen Montero...

    Damn that’s beautiful, excellent work.
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    Spotted these in North Carolina

    Funny story about the non turbo 1hz, me and the missus work together on mine sites in congo, During lunch she asks me to look at her ute as its running slow. okay, no worries, I rock up with a new filter as the fitters are super bad at replacing them. clean... hmmm.. hop in for a test drive...
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    Spotted these in North Carolina

    Electrics that fail on us trucks wont stop them from starting.. I used to work on these vdj motors in OZ. they are a nightmare in certain aspects. but at the end of the day even the new crusiers have dpf filters and emissions stuff. Strength wise, tough as nails still in some aspects (chassis...
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    Around Africa in our shorty

    To make it easy I broke you comment up with my replies. and included some more photos The most painful bit of a trip is going through and editing photos. so here are a few from Namibia, I found it to be the most amazing place I have ever been, the remoteness, the struggle. the sand. Proper...