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    Anyone know of a mint '95 RR Classic LWB out there?

    Craigslist ad for one in Bend, Oregon White 1995 LWB
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    Blue 127/130 near LAX

    Reminds me of the one I saw in Yellowstone last fall. I know they aren't the same. Just wished it didn't have the camper shell.
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    Rovers on the Rocks 2010 video part 2

    The tires look to be Nitto Mud Grapplers in about a 33x12.50R18
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    Rack Tie-Down Straps

    I use soft ties, the same ones you use for dirt bike handlebars, looped around the rack tubing. Then you don't have to worry if the tie down hook is too large or small to fit the rack tubing or location. That and it is less harsh on the powder coating if the hook has worn through the rubber...
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    Nobody Sells Steel Wheel Lugs For The DII Anymore?

    They don't have them currently listed for the D2, they do have them listed for the D1, RRC, Defender though. It might be one of those items that they are in short supply of and don't have listed on the site.
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    Nobody Sells Steel Wheel Lugs For The DII Anymore?

    Look a little harder. D2 Lug Nut Rovers North
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    Inner hub seal orientation

    Which one is preferred? The Sealey or the one SCROVER sells
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    things to do before an 8,000 mile road trip?

    Before you go, sometimes I like to see photos of things I might see along the way. Check out the photos option under the More button on the map in Google Maps.
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    things to do before an 8,000 mile road trip?

    In addition Depending on what entrance you leave Yellowstone N.P. you have a few options. If you leave through the western entrance you will end up in West Yellowstone from here take U.S. 20 south through Island Park to Harriman State Park, near here is the turn off for Mesa Falls Scenic Byway...
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    How to stop rear quarter panels flapping after "Greg Davis" style trimming.

    Maybe RSW (resistance spot weld) with some touchup paint.
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    Walky Talkies for trails?

    If a handheld CB is going to be used, mount an antenna outside the cab and run a coaxial cable into the cab near the dash or center console to connect into the antenna mount on the hand-held. This way if they are not committed to cut or drill into the dash area to install a mobile rig or there...
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    I have the Mantec raised air intake on my LR Discovery and it has the same noise, and it is located at the roofline. I think most will do this, I am not sure on the mushroom/pre-filter style ones though. That is if that is the reason why you would get one with the intake raised higher.
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    Extended Brake Lines?

    If you do get ones without the plastic coil, take the coil around your stock ones and put it around your new ones to prevent chaffing, or go and get some cut for the new length.
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    "Readily available" tire size question

    285 would be the section width, which is measured from the widest part of one sidewall to the widest part of the opposite side sidewall.
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    Discovery 1 Gas Cap?

    If you are desparate you might even be able to find one at a salvage yard in your area, off a Disco.