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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    There are incontrovertible facts that must be recognized. Covid does kill people. The vaccines do help prevent this. It is a virus and constantly mutates as it spreads which has always been known and expected. In light of those facts it is a given that planned, expected or known courses of...
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    It’s sad that the issue was entirely politicized instead of just being represented in a purely healthcare and scientific way. The vaccines do help but are by no means the bulletproof solution some make it out to be.
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    It is likely accurate that there has been millions of deaths of unvaccinated people worldwide since Covid was first recognized given that there’s only been readily available vaccines for about a year.
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    Millions die every year, it’s how life works. Part of life is the freedom to make your own choices which includes getting a vaccine or not.
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    Covid in one variant or another is pretty much a given for the duration of our lives and probably the next few generations at a minimum. Get a vaccine if you want, wear a mask if you want but most importantly just get on with life and enjoy it. Other than being forced to wear a mask at work my...
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    GFC has awesome customer service.

    I had one of the first 20 or so produced and and GFC hauled it back to their shop, upgraded the front/rear tubing, all the seals and the hinges, and delivered it back to me. All free if charge and simply because they had new and better designs than what mine was built with, not because I was...
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    Arriving at a fair price for my 2019 Tacoma Overlander, 3300 miles

    Oof. You really went full retard on the build just to find out it won't work. Might be cheaper to get a new wife... In all seriousness though, start by selling the aftermarket stuff separately. It will be a lot easier to sell the canopy camper alone for $10k than trying to sell a Tacoma for...
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    Off-road office set up

    I've used an ARB awning room in cold weather and with a Buddy heater or portable diesel furnace and it stays very comfortably warm.
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    Sat phones?

    I haven't used mine in about a year but used it frequently for four years prior to that. I never ran into a time based restriction on messages. They send as quickly as you can type them and your recipient replies.
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    Sat phones?

    Have you talked to Garmin about your issues? I have experienced none of those problems with mine. Other than the lack of voice calling it is superior in every way to a satellite phone for me.
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    New Defender News

    What would be awesome is if you could just option the engine. I can build the 90 I'd want with the P300 for $56k or up it to a P400 with pretty much identical configuration for $66k. If I could add just the V8 for another $10k I'd be way more likely to do it than going with the rest of the fancy...
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    New Bronco

    Looks like you're right after checking the Ford website. I swear I had read it was 2000lbs but that's obviously wrong. It's better but my boat weighs about 3000lbs on the trailer ready to go so it would be a slim margin.
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    New Bronco

    If the Bronco had a 5k pound tow rating I'd definitely be interested. Unfortunately for me 2000lbs renders the vehicle useless.
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    Propane cooking stove

    Haha. I really enjoy cooking at home but for some reason I've just never been one to get fancy when I'm out camping. Coming full circle back to the original intent of this thread though - a lot of that is probably because my super cheap and old green coleman basically has no flame control...