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    warn m8000 rebuild

    Is there a rebuild "kit" or do we just order parts individually?
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    warn m8000 rebuild

    One of the advantages of being single.
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    warn m8000 rebuild

    Parts are available. I have a 6000 I need to tear into. I put a new cable on and my brother who was helping me goes, "your winch is moving up and down". I"m betting you can clean up those pins.
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    Does anyone know what brand/model camper this is?

    External lift mechanism? Definitely not an FWC but I have no idea what it is.
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    Gas can kill.

    Running Sierra Trek I've run out of fuel on a trail that is only 13 or so miles long in my Jeep. I sit on top of ten gallons of gasoline. Two Jerry cans in the rear. I know its dangerous. Heck, the Jeep is dangerous. No doors, no anti lock brakes, no airbags, no shoulder belts etc. Its a risk I...
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    If you had to pick one: Skid plates or rock sliders?

    Definitely skid plates. One rock on an otherwise easy road and .....
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    Need the solar/power pros to weigh in

    I"ll chime in on the Vmax. Mine are three years old now and performing flawlessly. Just ran the snot out of my heater and still never got below 12.8v or 94% S.O.C. overnight. I certainly had my concerns when I purchased them that it was a lot of marketing bs, but I wouldn't hesitate to...
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    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    Good to know, I love looking out the windows as I sleep (or wakeup) maybe if I slept north south it would be different.
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    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    No side windows, kind of a bummer.
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    Question: Cooking with cast iron

    Anyone use buzzywax? A friends wife uses it (she restores really abused cast iron for a hobby).
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    Dogs traveling in camper?

    I wouldn't let my dog ride in my camper. Besides he's much happier sticking his head out the window.
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    Best way to power a Four Wheel Camper?

    Definitely go with solar. Mounting is relatively simple. While I can charge from the truck I never need to.
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    I remember when he brought the first prototype to a WTW gathering on Green Creek. How excited he was. Sad to this this day come.
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    First-Aid situations you've encountered in the backcountry

    Hape is pretty scary. They say it can happen even to your group leader, the guy you'd least expect. Training and least a small trauma kit. On a Jeep run the Jeep behind me rolled five times. No one (except me) had anything other band aids. Luckily other than a bump on his head he was uninjured...
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    FWC Worth It? Insight Appreciated!

    Depends on what you mean by off grid. I don't think a Palomino would survive what I do but if you never engage 4wd it may do just fine for you.