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  • Talk about delays. My bad. Thanks for the answer though. My CJ is running 35" s with 90" wheel base. It is built for the tight terrain here in WA. I am going to do the Rubicon Trail after all since I have never been there. I will be there September 7th and 8th. I am towing my trailer through to make it interesting.
    Fordyce is a great trail but I stopped doing it because it just beats my Jeep up too much. Well worth doing at least once though. Just make sure you have a good spotter. Its a serious all day run. Check the river levels before crossing. I've done Fordyce, Rubicon, Dusy etc but those trails are really tough on an old Jeep with 33's. Seems the big boys are intent on making them impassible for the old Jeeps. Sorry for the delay, just noticed the message.
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