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    Colorado / Canyon bent frame

    This guy isn't being truthful. .. he was hauling ******** down a road and hit a big whoop the pics that first hit the web failed to show the damage on his trailer, he bent the axle on his trailer he hit the whoop so hard. Just trying to get money for his own screw up.
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    Raptor Lining

    I used it on my van rocker panel's and loved it.
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    Passing wires through the firewall?

    The rubber boot that goes around the steering column is my choice, use an awl poke a hole push the wire through seals itself nothing to worry about. I probably have 5 different wires going that way and have never had a problem.
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    Does anyone know a source for OEM vinyl flooring?

    Fam vans in so cal have anything for the ford vans.
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    I had it listed on here a couple of weeks ago.
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    So I haven't done anything in awhile and I was going to sell it but got no takers so now I'm just going to finish it up and more than likely convert it over to a diesel. So here is the side ladder made up and installed. No more climbing up the front fender to access the roof rack.
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    Nanuk 935 Case for Camera Gear

    Nice set up.....
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    Tri fold bench seat

    if you dont mind me asking what was this originally from ?
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    I installed some blinds from home depot... now I have some privacy.... (and they were inexpensive :) ) I also added the magazine rack to the inside of the door to hold my paper map's and books.It is hinged at the top so I can lift it up and still have access the the inside door storage.
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    belltown bikes.... I made the door panels from 1/4" plywood, the carpet is glued directly to that with 3M spray glue. I also glued carpet to the actual inside of the door so it looks nice and acts as a sound deaden-er (sc)? as far as water goes Ive never had a problem with the ford vans rusting...
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    I get moisture build up even if I dont use it, so I might as well stay warm with wet windows in the morning....:) My desert trip was real cold at night and the condensation built up pretty good. I didnt have the reflectix yet just my mini blinds and the cold still came through.
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    Yes they stay in by themselves. I cut them all about an 1/8 inch bigger than the window so when I push them in the plastic window trim holds them in place.
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    I measured the general size of the window and pushed the corners in and used a sharpie for the big corners. The small corners I just free handed.
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    I got the light bar finished and installed, I still need two more lights, I had these two from a previous build.
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    Cowboy 4X4 van build up

    Today I installed a new Fox steering stabilizer from Agile Off Road...woohoo