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    Who makes the best rims?

    OEM FTW!!!
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    Grand Cherokee ZJ Builds (Share you pictures)

    I bought my ZJ in 1999 with 43,419 miles on it. She's sitting in my driveway with just over 263,000 now. I'm in the process of getting it road worthy again. If I could find a good example of a ZJ as a builder, I wouldn't hesitate to replace my XJ with it! Best Jeep I've ever owned, and I've...
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    215/85R16 on a Cherokee?

    I run a 265/75/16 set of MTs on my factory XJ rims.
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    Jeep price

    I think it sounds high. I just sold a rust free 2000 XJ Limited that had some electrical gremlins and non-working A/C. It had some damage on the driver door, but the leather interior was in great shape and it had new tires. I bought it for $1100 and sold it for $1350. It was a rust free...
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    2000 XJ Limited - needs some TLC - $1500

    I have a 2000 XJ Limited for sale in Nashville TN. Needs a Cam Position Sensor. It cranks but won't catch. I've got three other Jeeps, so this one is surplus. I've posted a link below to the for sale ad from, so you can see the photos...
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    Tell me about the Jeep Commander

    Having owned 2 ZJs, 1 WJ, 1 WKII, 4 XJs, and 1 XK, I will say this about the Commander -The Hemi is a powerful engine. Better than the 5.2 V8 I had in my '94 ZJ. -The Hemi only gets me 12 mpg around town and 14 on the highway and 8 when I tow my XJ....and the tank is only 17 gallons...
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    Lunchbox lockers!

    Aussie in front - installed first and ran just that for years. Then installed a Spartan in the rear. Both made visible difference to the off-road ability of the Jeep. Absolutely no need to pull the axles to do the installations.
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    Sexiest Jeep Ever??

    The sexiest Jeep ever? Whichever one happens to be sitting in my driveway....that gets my vote. Right now it's a 3 way tie between a '96 ZJ, an '01 XJ, and an '06 XK! By the way...I rented a JK this weekend from a rental car company for a sales trip to Texas. Cured any desire I might have...
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    Westward from Mississippi: Colorado/Utah/Arizona

    Hoddy Totty for making that run. If you have room for a random dude from Nashville in a Jeep Commander on the next run, I'm your guy! You hit a big portion of my bucket list in this thread.
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    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    2000 miles in 6 months. She doesn't get out much....
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Before During After Currently
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    Looking for advice...buying a new to me Jeep

    I've had four Grand Cherokees....a 1994 with the 5.2 V8, a 1996 with the 4.0, a 2004 with the 4.0, and a 2013 with the whatever it has (3.7 maybe). Hands down, my favorite was the 96 with the 4.0. I love the engine and how simple and bulletproof it is (bought it in 1999 with 43,000 - still...
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    Looking for simple, functional XJ build ideas

    Lots of sound advice so far. I second the motion NOT to change out the head just "because they all will eventually fail." They will not. I like motoboss's suggestions. If you are going to upgrade an axle, you may just as well go for an 8.8 Ford. It takes a little more work than the...
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    Taxa Wooly Bear Trailer Giveaway

    The giveaway event is just a few months away. Get your tickets for the drawing here. No need to be a NAXJA member to enter!
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    Show us your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

    lilkuff, how is that tire mounted on the rear?