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    Found a source for '05+ V6 Tacoma block heater

    I'm looking at new Tacomas right now, and I live about 5 minutes from this dealership. I bought a, **Heavy Sigh**, Sienna, from them a while ago. I had to get rid of the '98 Tacoma when kid #2 was on the way. Now that the kids are out of car seats and on to boosters, I'm in the market for...
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    Seven Days in May

    Copyright, then get it published somewhere. I'm serious. You should submit this to some magazines. It's written a heck of a lot better than most things I read. cs
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    Flippac with surfboards? (Newby Post)

    Nevermind: I just did some more searching (my google-fu gets stronger daily!) and I think I've found all the information I need regarding Flippac vs FWC or others. I think I'll just take along a tarp. cos
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    Flippac with surfboards? (Newby Post)

    Hi, This is a great resource. :luxhello: Thanks to all the experienced folks who post here. I've learned a lot just lurking and reading the many valuable threads. I'm interested in a Flippac camper for my Tacoma double cab TRD long box. If I can swing it, this will be the first addition, among...