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    Corey's 2007 FJ Cruiser built for expedtion/overland, & daily driver

    Hi Steve, yes the BlueSea sits behind the kick panel in the FJ Cruiser, perfect fit. It is an excellent place to put it to protect it from being kicked.
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    privacy tents\shower tents feedback

    Nice! I saw this on Andrew Whites Troopy when he was building it up. I do not think I have room on my rig for one, but I do like how fast it sets up.
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    Knife thread

    I bought this S&W SWMP4lBS back in March of 2017. Cool Magic opener, but the knife was very thick, and one of the screws for the belt clip fell out, and I could not find a replacement, so I am no longer using the knife...
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    Corey's 2007 FJ Cruiser built for expedtion/overland, & daily driver

    Thanks for the kind words! The original awning took a little balancing act to put up/take down, but not too bad. The new awning is super easy. Thanks, I dig guitars :D Sorry I did not get back to you earlier, I have been off all social media for the past two months. I had a disk slip and pinch...
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    Suggestions for wiring up Dometic

    That is the way National Luna recommended it. See above, the instructions from National Luna said the fridge will work better if the ground wire goes directly to the battery instead of to the frame.
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    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    Cannot remember off the top of my head. Last time I had the panels open it was at Christmas time. There should be info on the controller on his website.
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    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    My first trip out will be in August, so I will have a full report on it then. The case is pretty good, and I think as long as the unit is stored upright it should be fine.
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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    Yep, I am a convert to the Melitta pour over and number 4 filters thanks to CSG. And do use the bigger 4s, as I had a number 2 filter collapse on me, and the grounds went into the coffee, not tasty :D
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    Tembo Tusk Scottle Recipes, Tips and Tricks

    I have been using my full size Skottle at home since spring of last year, and for camping. I recently picked up the smaller Adventure one to take camping to save room in the rig, plus it will hold enough grub for two. Used the full size one yesterday, here is a short video of it. Vegan Dinner...
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    Corey's 2007 FJ Cruiser built for expedtion/overland, & daily driver

    Yes, it has been on the roof outside 24/7 since March of 2008.
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    Corey's 2007 FJ Cruiser built for expedtion/overland, & daily driver

    Thanks! I take great care of it despite it sitting under two old fir trees at home, and also a tree at work. Just gave it its first bath today since last fall, and going to clay and wax it tomorrow. All service has been done at the dealership where I bought it, and anything that has gone wrong...
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    The plate has predrilled holes with nut inserts in it. And when you place the cargobox on top of the plate, you have sliders on a rail system you can move around to the hole you want to position the box where you want it. You then insert the bolts from the moving slider into the plate, and...
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    Ronny Dahl's Trips

    6kg BURGER, the HULK BURGER Look at the size of those buns...
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    Ronny Dahl's Trips

    Ultimate 4 wheeling adventure remote desert 1/9
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    Ronny Dahl's Trips