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    New Defender News

    I do find it somewhat comical that the majority of the negative comments seem to stem from the styling vs the capability. Had Defender given us the bare bones Jeep alternative it would have sold in limited numbers, we’d only need to look at the last few years of original Defender sales to prove...
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    Defender Build out

    Looks great! How do you like the ladder? I have a 2021 HSE ordered and may still add the expedition rack and ladder to my build.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    I‘d argue that the new Defender follows the ethos of the original more closely than the current Land Cruiser resembles its counterparts produced 30 years ago. LR built a modern SUV that met the demands of most its potential customers, and gasp, they're using modern technology and electrical...
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    I’ve followed these threads since their inception, and have been waiting for the release of the new Defender for 10 years... My local dealership has one on their floor (per-production demo) and I have to say I really like it in person. Like most cars the pictures just don’t do it justice...
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    230GE in UT...any advice?

    For those new to g-wagons and looking for an earlier model - where's the best place to look? Like the others replying to this thread I'm more interested in an earlier model, more for its simplicity for me at least. Having looked at all of the various forums out there I'm still not sure what the...