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    Dealing with shipping damage...Go Fast Superlite

    FWIW I'm friends with the owners of Old Dominion. They do care about their shipping and damage to product, but in the end it does come down to the person who packages the product and ships it out. When I order expensive stuff from Slee, I'm amazed at how well it's packaged. There are even...
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    James Baroud lifting arm adjustment

    sweet, I'm going to look at that! Do you have a part number for the strut?
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    New 270 Awning available.

    Ali thanks for this! I had actually emailed the bush company asking about mounting on load bars and they have not responded. I have three Rhino HD load bars for my RTT and I'm thinking that is not enough? You have 4 I think? I'm concerned with the rear bar as it seems like it would hold...
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    Looking for suggestions for 270 awning. Bunduawn?

    Can you double check that link? I can't seem to navigate to the awnings?
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    James Baroud lifting arm adjustment

    I have one of the original models and it is extremely difficult to close. I believe I asked OK4wd (who I purchased it from) about swapping out the struts and I "think" they said they aren't interchangeable. I sure wish they were! Several times if it's wet or icy, I've sliced my finger on...
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    Review - James Baroud Space Evolution

    haha I TOTALLY agree with you about the velcro at the bottom! I think that's a poor design. Yes it's strong but still I do not like it. I also think the vent fan is almost worthless. It probably keeps the moisture from your breath down but it would be nice to really move some air. My other...
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    Bush Company Alpha RTT

    I really like that RTT! Wish he had a usable website but I'm sure that will come with time.
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    New 270 Awning available. I found this in my recent search. Didn't see it discussed here (at least if so I missed it). Anyone have experience with this one?
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    Looking for a comparison of 270 awnings

    great reply! Thank you. I'm in the market right now to replace my tired ARB 2500 awning. I will say that awning has taken a beating and performed but now the fabric is faded, leaking, the bars are all bent and it's time. Any reviews on the James Baroud 270 awning?
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    James Baroud discontinued?

    I never realized so many people were having issues with their JB tents. I have had one of the original space evo tents. I have had an issue with the gel coat and I've posted that. Other than that, it's been an excellent tent. No other issues I can think of.
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    ARB Awning - Re-waterproofing?

    I posted this also on IH8MUD so please don't yell at me! After many years of loving my ARB awning, the last trip in a rain storm showed me that it's no longer waterproof. Water slowly dripped through it in many places including the seams. Any products out there that I can apply onto the...
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    This is the table I have now. It's great except the legs can be a little wobbly
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Curious what camp tables you use, other than tailgates! I can't remember the brand of the one I use but it rolls up and has four legs and two cross pieces that roll up with it. You screw the legs in. Great top but the legs are a little wobbly.
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    Cracks on James Baroud Evasion

    that sure would be a great way to protect the fiberglass from the elements.
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    Anything changing with James Baroud?

    is this a serious request?! I already think they are too short. That has really been my only real criticism of mine...other than the thousand zippers.