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    Icom id-4100a dual band ham radio

    Congratulations on getting the radio you really wanted. I hope you enjoy it. I've certainly enjoyed using the 5100a. :)
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    Should I Insulate Under My Circumstances ?

    That is a good thing to consider. Condensation that gets trapped can cause mold to grow. So there needs to be air circulation between the walls and the foam. This air doesn't "need" to circulate inside the vehicle, just like your attic at home doesn't circulate into the house. But it does...
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    Ozark National Forest- 3 day trip

    Such a beautiful area. Looks like an absolute blast! :beer: These are the kind of trips your grandson will talk about all his life. Pretty awesome you get to share the time together. :)
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    '07 Dodge Ram 4x4 Exploration & 5th Wheel Tow Rig

    Hey Brad! Good to hear from you. Yeah, this came about a bit faster than expected, but it will all work out. Hope life is treating you well Sir! :beer:
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    '07 Dodge Ram 4x4 Exploration & 5th Wheel Tow Rig

    Base camp All right, so this weekend we picked up the "Base Camp" unit. It's a 2018 Alpine 3400rs. With the truck fully loaded, and the trailer fully loaded for boondocking, it *just* rolls in under all the weight limits...
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    '07 Dodge Ram 4x4 Exploration & 5th Wheel Tow Rig

    Hitch 'em up! This weekend I get to pick up the new 5th wheel. Which meant getting a hitch in the truck. I ended up getting the B&W with the sliding companion hitch setup. I was worried about making really tight turns with the short bed. Have to say that slider base is one heavy son of a gun...
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    2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with J30 (gobirubicon)

    Nice Rack! ;) Yakima has complete lock cylinder sets. I bought a set of six matching locks to do the bars, and the Rocket Box. Very simple to swap them out.
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Digging those pictures! They look professional. :beer: Glad to see you get the chance to go out for spin around the mountains. :)
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    '07 Dodge Ram 4x4 Exploration & 5th Wheel Tow Rig

    Thanks amigo! Hope all is going great for you! :beer:
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    APRS Integration With Gaia GPS App

    I originally got involved with ham specifically because of APRS. But it turned out that I had much better results using InReach, and have never used APRS. I run BCN, so could use APRS with it for redundancy. It would be fun to try HF APRS, but don't have an HF radio in the truck... yet. ;)
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    12 Volt On-Board Air Compressors What's Out There?

    I like both! For the old Scout 800, I mounted an MV50 OBA with a manifold, 2.5 gallon tank, pressure shut off switch, inside cab air pressure gauge and switch, etc.. Went through the compressor and repaired some shoddy workmanship when I first got it. Drilled and tapped the head for 1/4NPT...
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    Options for an overland dog mushing vehicle?

    Sport Mobile isn't too far away. Might be worth talking to them, and also keeping your eyes open on Craigslist. Met a guy who picked up a smoking good deal on a 4x4 SportMobile Van, by keeping an active search on Craigslist. :) Hush you...
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    JKU vs JLU

    I am always impressed when I wheel with Tacoma guys. On paper it shouldn't be as good as it is, if you know what I mean. But how well the engineering design meets with real world usage, always impresses me. Not sure you are gaining much by going to a JKU-R, unless you plan on wheeling some...
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Well, its not depreciating, and probably won't anytime soon. Unless you need the cash, it would be worth hanging onto it. Especially if Jeep comes out with a new Grand Wagoneer. That will get the juices flowing for all those over 40 types with a nostalgic dream. Should definitely push the...
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    JKU vs JLU

    I'd have a really tough time selling that Tacoma <insert wolf whistle here> :) If I was in your shoes, I'd either sell the Jeep and bank the money for a few years, or I'd sell the Jeep, and put lift, lockers, gears 33" tires and sliders on the Tacoma, then bank what's left. I'm a huge JKU...