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    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    One thing of note, that everyone should learn, despite how horrible Facebook is, it's also a great source for finding local 4wd groups or vehicle specific groups should you have a problem in that area. Spot on contacting the NORAC people here in Colorado and Bill. There are a couple of 4wd shops...
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    GMRS, CB, and AM/FM antennas in close proximity?

    I run a CB (Cobra WX 75), GMRS (Midland) and a 2/70 (Yaesu) handheld with a mag mount antenna. My CB antenna is a fender mount, the GMRS and handheld are mag mounts set on the roof, they are about 1m/3ft apart, on the GMRS repeater channels, there is definite bleed over to the Ham, I asked about...
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    Build - Frontier with ARE DCU topper

    Aftermarket? for all your needs. Also Shrockworks, Hefty Fabworks, Dezert Runner, PRG, Calmini (that's real shady dealings), and many many others
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    OME “lean”

    I have OME MD springs on the rear of my Frontier, regularly carry 200 lbs in the back, only time I notice a difference in the springs is when it's off the ground at the tire shop, the right rear hangs lower than the left rear, apparently that's normal. If you have a spring shop near you, maybe...
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    '15 Frontier CC LWB, improvements for backcountry and roadtrips

    From guys I've talked to, and builds I've seen, the dual battery setup, with moving the PS reservoir gets mixed results, mixed feelings. The D40 Navarra sold in the rest of the world, comes mostly with a diesel, and typically only uses one battery, but the builds I see on those, they put the...
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    2020 Frontier - Same body, new guts

    Might not have been a factory hitch. The hitch that came from the factory on my '15 Frontier is a class IV rated receiver hitch.
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    '15 Frontier CC LWB, improvements for backcountry and roadtrips

    I would suggest talking to the guys at regarding your suspension plans. As for a bumper with a receiver setup, you have two options, HeftyFabworks or WAM Bumpers. WAM makes one that can be setup receiver only, winch only, or both. Hefty may or may not still make their steel...
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    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    I have a '15 Frontier CCLB with the Value truck package, which adds some nice creature features. The biggest downside is aftermarket, however, there are still a lot of great sources: Nisstec Lifts, Shrockworks, HeftyFab Works, Fat Bob's, and others. I have 115K on mine and still love it, the...
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Passed my General but had to deal with the "question" on the paperwork, one week after they approved my General upgrade, got my GMRS approval as well WRDY593
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Passed my General this afternoon, took 2 tries, frustrating as hell, I knew all the answers, then locked up at test time.
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    Antenna Mounting thoughts

    Working on my '15 Nissan Frontier Crew cab. Currently I have my CB antenna mounted on a fender mount on the drivers side, stereo antenna is on the passenger side, Sirius antenna is roof mounted. I'm getting ready to install a GMRS antenna and a 2/70 antenna on the roof. Both will be magnetic...
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Day 2 of my General class and testing on the 21st, debating if I want to go my AE in the fall, will never use the abilities that will come with it (heck may never use all the abilities that come with General), but it might do it just for the hell of it, just to say I did.
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    my experience with GMRS so far

    If the OP is wanting to go this route, since I know this thread is in Colo., he could contact AVTECH in Wheatridge, on 44th Ave just west of I-70, I'm not sure if they will work on non-police/fire vehicles, but he could try them.
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    Looking for Help with Off-road Lighting Circuit Wiring

    If you are a member of Club, there are multiple ideas on there that people have used, including mounting switches in the overhead console by the Bluetooth mic. You could also consider a product like S-Pod or Switch pros. As for your backup lights, mine are wired into a separate...
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    The Danger of using the wrong recovery equipment

    Think about how much abuse the average tow ball takes from towing, over time it will weaken the ball and the mount. Start trying to do recovery with it, and who knows when it will go. Or, think of all the people we've seen on trails using a tow ball as a recovery point, maybe they've done it 15...