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    Adjusting the spring on an FG cab lift mechanism

    Well I've had fuso trucks for a couple of decades now and had no idea about this adjustment. But now thanks to you guys I can tilt my cab without having to call my wife and ask for help. Such an easy simple adjustment with an unbelievable result, thanks heaps for the information
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    Camper Truck Acquired :)

    Very nice compact set up, good score.
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    Seat upgrade feedback

    I was seriously considering Stratos, but thought they were a bit overpriced. Very happy now that I didn't go ahead and buy them, as after I upgraded the suspension to parabolic's; I found that for me the standard Fuso driver's suspension seat was quite adequate. My wife who often takes a turn...
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    First truck camper - Slide-on setup vs fixed body

    My 2 cents worth is go with the slide on option. Why limit yourself to having a single purpose vehicle when it could be a bloody good little work horse if the need arises. Also as SkiFreak mentioned these top heavy setups do not do slow big rocky stuff exceptionally well, but if you unload it...
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    Isuzu NPS 4x4 Crew cab Build

    It was made out of 0.9 sheet. Had it sitting on a 1/2" rubber matting and held in place with tabs that where welded to tank, it was then bolted in place with rubber blocks between brackets and attachment points. It holds 200lt. Noticed that both times it cracked the welds was when it was about...
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    Isuzu NPS 4x4 Crew cab Build

    I have two tanks, a plastic RV one and a stainless steel . I have never had a problem with the plastic item. However the same cannot be said for the stainless tank. So far it has cracked twice along the seams, and also cracked in a spot where one of the inner baffle was tacked. I very much...
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    Expression of Interest - WA Trip May 2018.

    It will be a fantastic trip for sure. Wish that I had the time to tag along, as I just love the top half of WA especially around Karijini! Very envious.
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    Another nutter with a Fuso

    Your welcome Bris, and yes you guessed right the spare is at present located within the box. I made up a very rough and somewhat crude lifting arm to get it in and out for the moment. Long term goal is to remodel the box to allow storage between box and cab and ideally carry 2 spares. And yes...
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    Another nutter with a Fuso

    Here's a few pics for the social media challenged folks
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    Recovery tracks-??

    I couldnt find any that were rated for anything larger than your standard 4x4, however I have used my TRED's a couple of times now and they have done the job quite well in sand; weighing in at 5.2t.
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    Another nutter with a Fuso

    Thanks for the welcome Brij. And yeah the numbers of us "wierd passion" people's are definitely on the rise for sure. As for more pics for you to see, probably easier if you follow the face book link in my signature, which is to a page dedicated to our truck "Clyde" it details his evolution and...
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    My first FG

    Gooday and welcome What a bugggar of a start mate, but must say there are worse places you could have broken down in. As for your wheels, sounds very suss to me, as Skifreak said, I also can not see how it could be legal; or even how someone could sell it to you set up that way. Hope you make...
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    Another nutter with a Fuso

    Cheers and thanks guys, I see you are also located just down the road a bit from me. Seems to be no shortage of Queenslanders hanging out here, good to see.
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    Another nutter with a Fuso

    Thanks Steve or should that be neighbor. Had a quick look at your web page, quite impressed. Will keep an eye out for you as I am sure our paths will cross sooner or later. Cheers Joe