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    Homebuilt wedge/toy hauler

    Cool build. Cheers
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    Driving with RTT and no cover straps

    Hi. I added a third strap on my rtt. Without the straps the cover will balloon up and create lots of drag. I put the third strap over the ladder in the middle of the tent. Cheers
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    Jku Engine Swap options

    Do you watch Dirt lifestyle? He runs vw engines that put out some impressive numbers. Cheers
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    Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Off-Road Trailer - The "Frontrailer"

    Very cool to see the Xterra still going strong! Thanks for sharing the story. Cheers🇨🇦
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    7 Days Bikepacking Through South Australia

    Cool trip. Again thanks for sharing! Cheers
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    7 Days Bikepacking Through South Australia

    Really enjoying this trip. Cheers
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    How Annoying is a Backseat Fridge?

    I have a 45 liter fridge in the back seat of my Tacoma. It sits on a platform that covers both folded up seats. Both are easily removed. An added benefit to the platform is storage beside the fridge. I cook in my camper and accessing the fridge is no big deal. Cheers
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    7 Days Bikepacking Through South Australia

    Amazing scenery! Thanks for sharing. Cheers from Canada. 🇨🇦
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    Whynter Refrigerator/Freezer

    I should be getting mine Monday at the latest. I will post an initial report and a follow up review! Cheers
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    Whynter Refrigerator/Freezer

    Thanks for the link! I was too lazy to do a search and saw this post. Cheers
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    Whynter Refrigerator/Freezer

    I just ordered one, also interested to hear others views. Cheers
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    RTT rainfly storage

    I have a Smittybilt rtt and I leave the rain fly on. If it looks like no rain, I take it off. If you have access to the clips it is not too hard to do, however up high on a lifted truck is a different story! Cheers
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    Idacamper2.0 Color change, please let me know your thoughts.

    Hi. Love the camper! I vote light gray. Cheers