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    Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama

    Glad you are doing well. Glad to see you are still taking adventures. I am sure your writings would make any travel very interesting.
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    Project Little Van - Daily Vanagon/Adventure Rig

    I am not a purest. I am all for upgrades and mods that get the job done. The one I picked up was my wife's she bought in college. She had sold it about 15 years ago and the guy gave it back to us. It does not have an engine and it is almost a total gut job. It sat for 8 years with cats...
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    Project Little Van - Daily Vanagon/Adventure Rig

    Keep the updates coming. I have been following both of your builds from the beginning and now I find myself building an '86 Vanagon. I had to go back and read everything closer
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    It’s a 55/80/100

    Need more info on this! Build thread?
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    Converting a factory JK/JKU hardtop to modular

    Your work never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing posts like this.
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    FJ62 Reimagined - Restoration - Modern Drivetrain - Stoffregen Motorsports

    Looking forward to watching this build. I have followed all of your others. Your work is top notch
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    Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama

    I miss reading your updates. Anything on your new adventures?
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    BMW X5, anyone ever done one?

    I replaced 4 or 5 door handles, I did the water transfer pipe repair, the valve seals were leaking luckily I had a warranty to replace those and get the head machined. We had a different motors though M62 vs N62. All the things I experienced other had on Xoutpost. When everything was good I...
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    BMW X5, anyone ever done one?

    I am shocked you have not had problems with your X5. My 2004 4.4i hated cold weather. It would "earthquake" on start up and the dash would light up like a christmas tree. The door handles broke all the time in the cold. The rear washer nozzle would freeze and then spray continuously until...
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    Overland XJ Build. Not my first Rodeo.....(video included)

    Can you provide more details on the swap? I currently have the same setup sitting in the garage. Can you show the throttle bracket? What did you do for the transmission? Are you using the AW4 if so are you using something like a radesign shifter? Did you get the factory gauges to work?
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    It’s Here! Jeep Wrangler with Diesel News

    Of course you cannot get it in a manual transmission
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    Project Little Van - Daily Vanagon/Adventure Rig

    It's really hard to wait over a month between updates. I hope this is still progressing.
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    stock bumper on a 100 series with a winch?
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    The Road Chose Me: Driving a Jeep Wrangler 80,000 miles around Africa for 2 years

    Congrats Dan I have followed from the begining and always look forward to your updates. I liked living vicariously through you a couple times a week. I came across your adventure when you were trying to do the mercedes diesel swap. I cannot wait for your next adventure to follow