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    Long sleeve summer weight shirts.

    I wear my old business dress shirts (always over a t-shirt). Already paid for and I don't care if I tear or stain em. Then they become work rags.
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    Adventure trailer

    Wouldn't this make me the envy of the campground!
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    WTB - Gobi Ranger Roof Rack for 04 Wrangler TJL

    I would like to purchase a Gobi Ranger roof rack that fits my 2004 (04 to 06) Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (TJL). I live in Indiana. Would pick up within a day's drive, or if further, would pay for shipping. PM me with any offers.
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    SilicaRich's Overland TJ Rubicon Build

    Take a look at the Cooper ST Maxx's. Very aggressive, but still AT rated. Available in a load range "C" also, which is appropriate for a Wrangler.
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Added an Arizona Rocky Road CB mount. Needed to be done.
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    Tent to leave up all summer

    I think I am going with a Kodiak this year. Well rated and reasonably affordable.
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    Cooper ST Maxx vs AT3

    I'm currently running Cooper STT's. Have been very happy with them. They have over 60,000 miles on mostly hard roads with a significant amount of miles on gravel, mud and snow. They have served me well. Will be replacing them with ST Maxx's in August. My local dealer has a buy 3 get one free...
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    How important to "see" your radio faceplate?

    Never really gave it much thought, but when I installed my radio I remember getting it set just right, so I could see the faceplate. Never even considered mounting it in such a way where I wouldn't be able to see it.
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    KM2's vs ST/Maxx (sorry!)

    Old thread I know, but aren't the ST Maxx's available in load range C now?
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    Let's see your LJ's!

    2004 TJL
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    Let's see your LJ's!

    2004 TJL 2004 TJL with 3 1/2 lift with one inch body lift. 31X10X15 Cooper S/T's tires.
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    No show at meetup?

    No show at meetup?
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    The new Lexux GX460 is out and I am going to have nightmares tonight.

    Fugly. Absolutely terrible. A total miscue by the stylists for sure.
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    My Arabian Nissan Patrol 1997 Y60 (GQ)

    Nice rig!