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    How do I get 240v from batteries and an inverter

    Commonly done in the pro audio amplification world. You realize that an inverter is simply a specialized audio amplifier operating in constant voltage mode? Much cheaper to stack amps (and that IS the proper term) than build a 10 KW audio amp -- the power semiconductors alone would cost a fortune.
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    How do I get 240v from batteries and an inverter

    You can stack inverters to produce 240 volts by connecting outputs in series. Check with inverter manufacturer as some models do not like the floating ground on the top inverter. Also you need to carefully insulate any exposed "grounded" metal on the top inverter as it will be live at 120...
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    Dodge Ram 5500 motorhome

    you are probably right about -25 temps. Never gone that low - zero, -10 a few times were fine, though. I'd be worried about interior heat and stuff in cupboards freezing at -25, as well. Full strength RV antifreeze is good to around 50 below, I think, but there are a couple types, make sure...
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    Tips for Stealth Overnight Parking and Building a Stealth Vehicle

    Until you get ticketed for having commercial signs on a private passenger vehicle (no commercial registration, no commercial plates, no commercial insurance(. Big fines.
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    Dodge Ram 5500 motorhome

    are you worried about not having enough battery power for the heaters? If not, then why not just let everything run to the tanks which will be freeze protected by the heaters.
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    Winch, now what? Best/most important winch accessories

    find a local marine or rigging supplier show him the winch, how it is mounted, and what you are using for a recovery link (strap, wire, rope, etc). They will know what to advise you to purchase. At a minimum, I'd want a ball bearing snatch block rated at least twice the working load of your...
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    Watches - ExPo Style

    Orient day date self winder, stainless steel, and an old Citizen Railroad watch, quartz.
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    in need of a new camp axe or hatchet

    Sure, I've got one like that. Grandpa to Dad to me, 3-4 handles, at least 2 heads, several wedges. Definitely grandpa's axe, though. Has to be, it's in his toolbox, too!
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    Edged Tools, Selection, Care, etc.

    I just bought one for myself as a xmas present, works a treat on all my blades.
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    Edged Tools? What do you use?

    Les Stroud Bushman axe, Spyderco Centofane folder daily carry, various fixed blade hunters, got a bunch of them. Couple favorites are two David Boye dendritic steel drop point blades, and a custom Damascus spear point with blue/green paua shell handle made by a friend in Colorado.
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    Peg Hammer Options?

    pommel of my camping axe
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    Best Coating to Prevent Rust on Tools Attached to Outside of the Vehicle

    melt some beeswax in an old can and paint it on to the metal surfaces. Build up several coats.
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    An Axe - Seriously?

    Granfors Cyber Monday sale Granfors Bruks is offering up to 70% off their regular prices on cyber Monday for someone looking at their tools