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    Custom Alucab Hercules Toyota Troopcarrier $70k or best offer

    Thanks - that's what I had assumed, but I am still surprised to see many of them. I wonder if the V8TD sold here is different than the one sold in Australia. In any case if I were to buy a new Land Cruiser here, I would go with the 1HZ.
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    Do we really need a spare?

    We are in Botswana right now. Every one here still carry 2 spares.
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    Custom Alucab Hercules Toyota Troopcarrier $70k or best offer

    Quick question for you - sorry a bit off topic - it looks like (in Botswana at least) you can have a choice of the 4.2 1HZ engine and the newer diesel V8 turbo. We are the Toyota dealership and I was looking at their new models... Do you know if the V8 work well with the lower grade diesel?
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    Kenyan Safari

    Thanks - we're leaving on June 11th for Namibia/Botswana...can't wait!
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    It depends if you (and your wife/kids) give importance to things like Airbags, A/C and going more than 55 mph on the freeway.
  6. Christian P. is for sale!

    Thread is locked. Joaquin, please rewrite your ad in better terms if you are really serious about selling - including asking price.
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    Registering a car in Germany as non-resident

    Tom's team have been doing this for years now. I am sure it's a solid option if you buy from his company.
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    It's kind of like a Revel, but not.

    Sorry to hear about this trouble. I know this is not going to help you but perhaps it may help someone else. Your story is one of the reasons why we bought a Transit AWD with factory windows. We can sleep sideways without installing Flarespace, saving a lot of trouble and money. And we got one...
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    Free (or Beer Money...) - RotopaX™ Mounting Kit T-SLOT Mounting Bracket for Rotopax

    Details here: Brand new in unopened bag. Cleaning up the garage. Just pay for the shipping and maybe throw a couple Coors Light in the mix. :)
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    Free extra brackets, holders

    Perfect gone!
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    Free extra brackets, holders

    Cleaning up the garage and I have a few extra bits - not sure where they belong. Free, just don't want to send them in the landfill.
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    My 2013 Land Cruiser 200 (full overland build) LIVE auction on C&B

    I cleaned up this whole thread. Keep it civilized please, this is a first warning and there will not be a second one,