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    four wheel camper hawk for sale on 2010 ram 2500 6sp manual crew cummins 4x4

    I am not sure what to do with this one. Delete? Lock? Leave it? Probably one of the most confusing classifieds ever.
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    Surprised No One Is Talking About Cat Thefts

    I am surprised no one put a link on this one: "The couple may have been involved in the thefts of as many as 2,500 catalytic converters this year and are suspected of selling the purloined devices or valuable metals inside them for the past three years, said Sgt. Mike Brovelli of the Marin...
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    How loud is National Luna Legacy Fridge? Vs Dometic CFX3?

    I think they are both great. I have the Dometic CX3 and I don't hear it.
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    Ok I am locking this thread. I am on a snowboarding trip right now through Colorado and Utah and I really don't think this is a fun topic to moderate.
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    AWD transit in sand

    Yes i agree the clearance is going to be the issue. Even in the snow I could tell that would cause a problem way before the tires or the snow control. We will get larger tires/lift kit/bracket kit this summer but right now I am happy to wear out the factory tires, and also a wanting a few more...
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    Parking heaters at altitude

    As I mentioned mine started just fine at 9700' ft. But it may be running a bit rich...
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    AWD transit in sand

    So many of you don't know that yet but we have bought a Ford Transit 2020 AWD HR with Ecoboost as an Expedition Portal project. And yes it came Expo White. :) I am currently driving it across country and in Colorado at the moment. I have not tried it in the sand, but I can tell you that in...
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    AWD transit in sand

    It's right here... :) "As anticipated, Ford watched the market and has responded with the 2020 AWD Transit, a 4×4 system that employs an infinitely-variable electronically-controlled center differential ...
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    FYI - Fraud Listing for a '88 Land cruiser on Facebook

    Could it be just a typo? The dealer seems legit if you look at the other listings.
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    Parking heaters at altitude

    Looks like I may have found the answer I was looking for: "To tune for elevation, you reduce the fuel pump rate (hertz) by 4% per 1000 ft gain. The air RPM is not adjusted for elevation in most...
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    Parking heaters at altitude

    Sorry typo...
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    Parking heaters at altitude

    So I am camping right now in Colorado as I am driving the Ford Transit Expo van across country and stopping along the way to do some late season snowboarding. I have a cheap 12V heater self contained that I just installed temporarily in the van as a stop gap measure. The GPS says I am at...
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    "Battery Packs" are storage devices. "Battery Packs" aren't "Solar Generators". Refrigerators aren't "Food Generators".

    Indeed. I don't know what's going on. I will just delete a few posts and see what happens. :)