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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    It will be a new truck when you are done with this trip!
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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    you guys work quick! Looks like a sauna in there
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    Family Camping & Overland Trailer Build(ish)

    I mounted some home made tables in the same location of your drop down. They help keep everything in while traveling, and get out of the way when I set up camp. Plywood and some folding leg hardware I found on amazon. Tables mount with wingnuts
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    Who's making MOLLE panels for Tacomas? These guys do custom panels.
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    RTT mount to 1.5” round bar
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    Safety wiring your shackle pins?

    Just keep them in the vehicle. They just make noise otherwise
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    Take me to School: Camp Stoves

    I use a Coleman Grill/stove. I like having both options in 1 unit. It works well for 6 people.
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    Standard bedding or sleeping bags in RTT

    We used to use sleeping bags, but found most of the time we just zipped them open and used as blankets. Now I have a regular set of blankets/sheets/pillows just for the rtt.
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    Lets See Your Fold Down Tables!

    Amazon has the stainless version for less $
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    Water sources

    search "hosebib key" it's a common plumbing tool. this one has all the different sizes