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    AT Horizon Roll Call / Mods / Pics

    Agree, you probably need another leg further forward to capture as close to end of the front rail on the JB. This is why I am grateful my early production chaser has full length rails, with Yakima legs, so in could add more cross bars or position them to the load. You could of course, ditch...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Thanks to the inspiration from @chrismirelez, and because here on expo, and even more so in this SP thread, what is worth doing is worth overdoing : Finally, I have onboard water! I’ll add another piece of bamboo with a faucet soon enough, but for now this will do.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Truth be told, they can be a little rickety... you can never get them tight enough to have things not be wobbly. If you happen to pull them out too far or rotate them while extending, then getting the pegs to line back up again is a PITA. The Drifta legs are infinitely adjustable and lock...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Not an answer to the question, but I have both the SP adjustable (also tucked in YDR) and the Drifta legs, which I use with my truck for leveling in extreme side-to-side slants. I prefer the Drifta as they far sturdier. I’d actually have to see if they’d be short enough to go into a 2U YDR...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Yes,I have that skottle insert and use it almost exclusively with my 2U IGT.
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    Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Internet Network) Terminal and Iridium Phone

    Also “sat link” and “through trees” aren’t really compatible statements, no matter what band or orbit your connecting to. I have extensive BGAN experience and when you need it, it will work in the sense of 3g in cellular. Plan to wait for data to come through and not expect a broadband...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Thanks Chris. Will better soon with some running water thanks to your inspiration! I like the FR chairs good enough. They pack down into my drawers, so I always have them. Some times I feel like they don’t have enough back recline, and then I just go jump in the hammock I got my YDR strap...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Nice setup Chris! Good job matching the SP bamboo too. I like the use of the connection hooks to tie it in... Mind giving some additional details on what you’re using on the Gerry can side for the quick connect and pump? I’m going to finally bite the bullet and get some running water into my...
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    ISO: landcruiser roof rack

    Do you need the rails and crossbars, or just cross bars? You might also post in the 200 section on iH8mud
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    6ft wide or 5ft wide Offroad trailer for Baja roads??

    More important than the trailer width is the axle track width for actual towing performance. The closer the track width is to your tow vehicle, the better you’ll tow Offroad through sand and such. Obviously sleep is important too, so pick the right trailer! try to match the track width and...
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    Power Source for electronics

    The jackery 240 looks to be pretty small at 240 WattHr or 16Ahr. I’d at least size up to twice what you’re think your needs will be to account for use and recharge rimes. The 500 is 518 WattHr or 24 AHr. The latter is what I’d consider the minimum size for a long weekend of charging devices...
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    Power Source for electronics

    You’d probably be good with one of the battery power boxes like the jackery or eccoflow delta, or even goal zero lithium yeti marketed under the “solar generator” names. You didn’t mention if some your electronic require AC, so figuring the chrome book might. Most of these have an inverter...
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    Anderson SB50 and SB175 Connector Mounts

    I’ve also used the jamdonGear mounts on my chaser to mount a redarc BCDC feed, and planning to add the flush mount version to my cruiser bumper soon to feed it. (As soon as it warms up enough to work on the rig!)
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Wouldn’t it just “integrate” by setting on the flat table? [emoji2957]