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    Tour de Canada part deux

    It seems that I am close to some... big mounds..... 😎
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    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Opps it looks like we have some.... crunch.. and carnage... Looks like I will be busy fixing er up this summer.... 😎
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    Bailey's 2009 GMC Savana 2500 | Camper Van Build

    Tell me a little about that roof vent. Is it solar powered or something? How much air can it move. Price and link to supplyer? Your van looks cool, Cheers, Chilli... 😎
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    What can you tell me about the Chevy Avalanche?

    Long time since I have seen any posts from you Henry. Nice truck. Cheers, Chilli.. 😎
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    1998 Chevy Suburban High Top Camper Conversion.

    Cool looking conversion Mr Gcollin. I like how you just thought it up and then put your plan into action. Looks way cool and functional. The only question I have is if the bodywork around the second doors is firm enough now that you have removed most of the roof. Do you see any movement when you...
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    Dirtdobber's 03 Suburban 1500

    Cool looking pics Mr Dirt. Thanks for posting up. Cheers, Chilli... 😎
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    Building a work truck ( slowly)

    I like your `Burb´Mr Warwagon. Seems like you have come a long way in a short time. Keep us updated with your progress. Cheers, Chilli...😎
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    LMTV with only 2,000 miles

    Wow this thing looks so awesome! Cheers, Chilli... 😎
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    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Lots of crazy stuff my friend. Stay tuned for more. Cheers, Chilli... 😎
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    My `89 Suburban

    Welcome back Mr Northman. Post some pics of your fine Burb so we can all relive your fine build. Cheers Chilli..😎
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    Tour de Canada part deux

    We are just out here.... having a good time.... 😎
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    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Back in the old days of bondo... and barbeque... Cheers, Chilli... 😎
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    My 96 S10 Blazer Backcountry rig

    I am looking forward to seeing pics of your new truck. Cheers, Chilli... 😎
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    converting 74 burb to poptop camper

    I look forward to seeing more posts and pics from you sir. I hope you have not been hit by any of the fires down under. Cheers, Chilli... 😎
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    Its been a while since I have seen your thread Jack. Looks like you are having fun out there in the bush. Thanks for posting up. Cheers, Chilli... 😎